Snow lips is a lip discovery like no other because it is derived from the power and danger of sexuality from polar regions propelled along by unsurpassed desolation.

Life is approved spunk if you have undiscovered snow lips, something like that.  

Whenever it gets cold succumb to other people’s lips even if you commit yourself to strangers without making a study of kisses.

This is vintage commitment to snow resting on the lips of nonexistent heat which is not a common good anyway, it is an internal enemy.

Chronic frostbite: Drain it and clean it all out with a kiss, nearly crushing the snowbank of the chin.

In the modern world everything and anything snow-covered is swabbed.

It’s wrong to kiss somebody who has had a lifetime experience of warmth.

Do not interact with anybody in the thermosphere.

Kisses have outstanding properties only if partners are linked together by a cult which controls bogus self-serving environmental lust. 

There are mouths all around still average. Kisses need to be radical without a prelude which is a problem in particular not politically motivated.  

Lips are a heat resistant defection from life. Being uncool is embarrassing for those accustomed to hostage situations such as modern politics.