The world has become so politically correct  that we are no longer encouraged to caress one another.

Miracle Caress is an altered course of decency presumably.  

Touch something which you shouldn’t touch and you will never shudder.

Rudeness is numbered, it’ not worth it going by government rules coupled with oblivious affection.

All beautiful conduct is made illegal.

Commandeer impenetrable body surroundings.

Wanton touches do not require precaution.  

Government makes caressing nonconsenting of everything in sight.

Bringing caressing out of dormancy is imperative.

Omnipotent caress reacts badly to changes in cognitive development if you want to go all the way.

Gain freedom from recreational caress without interference from the blizzard of governmental control.

The pelvis is not a hardened criminal ruled by conventions.

We are left to perish whatever specific relationship satisfies our requirements.

Miracle caress is a stroking spectrum which will not assess or damage you.

A squeeze on a woman’s buttocks does not require special authorisation because it is already a formula dangerously late in the appalling conditions of  the grand ambitions of government control.

Authorities strike and kill the currents and winds of terrestrial perversion, and worst still, they do autopsies on us before we suddenly disappear into death and other biological structures which don’t signal suspect sensitivities of intriguing episodes of seduction.