Nowhere Report is being designed as a subdued news procession entirely incompatible with regular news companies dashing around looking for new stories while patrolling their extended staff not totally converted to a cult realm.

Regular broadcasters grab captivity in full view of the public. It is a psycho burden where there exploitation rapidly growing. 

Ensure you do have to live a compromised day to day life unless you join a cult steeped in Christianity to serve you.

Normal news is a wearisome debacle and needs wiped from the Earth.

Nowhere Report is an alternative news realm because it is not committed to human beings and their arbitrary existence.   

Most newsrooms muck around in a general rush of people and other successive failures.

The reproduction of human societies relies on fluctuation, a collaboration of a compilation of students and research and other considerable bodies of knowledge unruly and inefficent regarding ample supply of regularity reaching breaking point.

If not for cult arrangements news and media navigation would reach extermination.

Public presentations of news do not manifest in recent history because it is an unavailable lively period imbibed by neutrality.

Regular news is punishment to the soul and health, it shouldn't be permitted. 

Mainstream news is not a vessel of arousal scheduled for the immediate appeal of intrusion by insensible shreds of thoughts.

There are innumerable down-to-earth people with no surrealist talent brought alive.

The recent event of obscurity has subliminal perfection and other anticipated plots.    

Democracy is a colossal straight forward process that rapes you.

People take newsreels for granted as a deliberate cover-up of imagery which prove unreachable formal qualities.

Nowhere Report is not in urgent need of the shameful guidance of lighting. Light is just there as a crude way of summoning attention to oneself.

Our planet is the dawning of worry; surely there should be a superior type of television to look forward to each day accompanying you throughout domination and exploitation of reasoned judgement?

Most people in New Zealand have mammoth private resources, they don't need large-scale media or political influences to rescue them from unusually dangerous personal examples of conspicuous health and safety.

New Zealand needs expedient innovations in all such endeavours of life decided under retrospective subjective conditions, not controlled programmes.

New Zealand news has everything wrong with it; triumph over our former enemy.

Grasp criticism, then you will get on the band wagon of the news realm difficult to detract from because it comes from production and distribution which are forerunners of bizarre treatment of people.

Thank goodess if you are able to escape the intrusion of coverage of the modern media realm collectively made up by unchartered popular causes.