Optical Suppression is a blind crusade.

It is full proof nihilism.  

Blind people make a parody of the atmosphere.

Surroundings and viewpoints are no longer associated with each other.

The brain is an original mass of black holes.

The full brunt of consequent colossus isolation does not require a display of simplification.

Blindness is an adventure without any area of physics or any strong similarity of susceptibility to science simultaneously.

Blind people have the right to unfocused misbehaviour.

Escape upraised elevation of guidance and light.

Good on them for going to the trouble to make earth invisible.

They sit in certain points of the galaxy unbeknownst to them.

Masses of material are obscured or broken by factions.

There is a great abundance of dreams straight into minds without looking like somebody possessed.

A wasteful feeling remains every time you look at something.

The problem with eyes is you have to look out of them in a way converging with the planet.

Stellar energy reinforces vision.

Reality is a vulgar example of life for earthbound people, which blind people keep a respectful distance from.

With the possible exception of planetary provisions not researched or observed as an important discovery, you don’t have much else to worry about.

Life has an apparent negative effect if light is a constituent of the practical lives of people.

It is normal people who fail to attempt or put one's faith into the shrine of darkness.

We are all currently being investigated by a big build-up of conspiracies involving light calling our attention.

The mind is not an important thing to be used beacuse it has humble disturbances.

Surrender to darkness as an outlet to unstructured potential power which has detachable rigour.

Blind people are not steered into crude, awful, irksome collective evidence of life on earth directly themselves without saying.

It is awkward and ignorant normal people that are not relieved from the design of life's unexposed slums.

When blind the neurotic thrust of human life is all that can be assimilated into one's lifestyle. 

Withdraw further from open and direct conflicts of earnest gaze.

The earth only illuminates preposterous deceptive details of astronomy, just like before when the universe was yet to be created for rising generations.

Enchantments aren't deserted if you are blind; drugs, tobacco and alcohol serve as a substitute substratum, they are a guardian of protoplasm.

When blind your body is no longer isolated from the cosmos in obvious ways.

All picturesque places are in a tangible controlled area. Blindness counteracts this.

Blind people enhance their luminous prestige in the backstage of life, rather than having forefront expectations and distresses.

Rejoice in darkness without the anguish of unsettled misemployment of diligence.

The eyes are a far-reaching utility, we need more people in the world who believe in oblivion.

Those with a whopping threshold of handicaps don’t reveal their secrets outside of the visible spectrum.