One thing is good about hell:

You evade the formidable responsibility of having to groom yourself well.

The heat is ragged rather than hot.

Clean clothes are banished no matter what wrongs you have done.  

In hell attire is not a vital discovery of business value systems.

In hell life is a liberation from elaboration of professional careers.

The option of hell is for shaved and dined ponces in jeopardy of co-opted qualifications.

In hell prettiness is disappointing because it is merely subjective.

Spend a long time, the rest of your afterlife, without countenance.

Hell represents a master pure collapse of good hygiene.  

Sightings of good hygiene practices are a natural disaster.

It isn’t easy to beautify your body unless you are no longer waiting outside this earth.

Life and death: It is a bit obvious there is a little bit of each mixed together.

Succumb to a persuasive underground spectacle as a source of something more sinister than holistic hell, then you will have few articulate rivals and their demanding programs of self-conceit. 

What hell needs right now is unclean picturesque people blended with heaven after the tragedy of speculation.