Holograms are a methodological pause of one’s body anatomy which has no adhesion to any particular case of life anymore.

A hologram is computer simulated posture suppressing all biological activity.

Holograms are a reconcilable visual simulacrum.

Holograms are principled justification for hybrid psychosis.  

Follow your legs when you walk for a change and be left alone by authorities, then you’ll know where you’re distorted illusions are going.

Reap the benefits of the non you.

Without having a human hologram comparability to the living is missing completely, bounding its volume to confessions of nothingness.

A hologram is where someone else has taken over your extremely sensitive body image.

You are near enough to being a real abandoned sentimental body.

Friendly illusions are thrown out, leaving the body scrounging for a new identity roaming as a nobody.