Blind Limbs refers to a permanent seizure of the human body where light is discontinued.

Be somewhere around which disorientates you, such as being blind to your limbs.

Do not open your eyes to joy unless you are willing to try your luck concentrated mainly on the element  mystery of sight seeming to hang over you.

Erecting smiles has a tinge of melancholy of massive presence unless your limbs are an illusion of the apparent body.

Blind limbs is for people that feel floaty in the head, in loving memory of being bent and paralysed once again through supply and installation of a coma.

The best angles of the spine are distorted without ever knowing why. There is absolutely no commitment whatsoever.

Drop through ecstasy below the neck line uninterruptedly as you are deprived of the final victory of tradition. 

The spine is an angular rupture even if you are already paralysed by social systems.  

Pull your limbs off the ground without tour guides.

The eyes: we don’t even see out of them because they are crammed with darkness not acknowledged by selfishness.

The crouched remains of a flattened boogie override watchfulness.

Blindness is the only thing that can’t be violated by a salute.

Our schemes are so dark they require movements of fondness to things speedily cleared away and impoverished.

It is a blockage of the neck attached to the eyes penetrating the brain.

Beaming invisibility couldn’t have been kinder or nicer.

Immobilization is a big achievement.

This is no tabloid. It has dark contents which devours people.

Blind standing space is a signal readily available to those with a place in the counterpoint of history.

Puzzled doom develops when you don't keep in touch with your body. 

Be oblivious to any determination of calculated representations of life.

Your mind is now ready for departure luckily.

Blind Limbs has the darkness of generalized euthanasia.

Analysing all the work we do in life is a sufficiently smaller surface scandal of disguise.

For lunatics the bulk of nonsense is not insulated by reason.

Interference of the unnerving theorising of a simple model of the body is impossible because it is unknown and unspecified.  

Achtung uprightness.

Don’t interrupt connections with normal life which exposes the slaughter of the body by forgetfulness.

Look out from your vulgar useable eyes sometimes.  

Life is not good if you want to think about your body territories you are cornered by.