Micro Recess is a conspiracy to take over Microsoft and other enterprises with notorious nomadic controls over estimated time and space all happening now with nothing at stake apart from discipline.

We aim to overcome Microsoft with domain bellows.

The internet has the strength and power of a performance risk you are unable to share.

Salvation or something churns computation.

Micro Recess is a nonsense agenda splashed onto the digital device of reluctant pioneers.

Life is no good broken or synchronized for its own sake with maintenance of codes not different from the rest.

The internet has reached its imitation quota.

Migrated virgin thought experiments take you away from and tamper with your lifestyle unassisted by commendable cultivation of cursed congealed chemical cleansing careers of crooked commands of incomparable infatuation.

On the internet don't ask anybody for anything because in some cases you will exceed the regular daily amount of thought propellants.

One thing you can be sure of is having no mind offerings or mentors of mature judgement of detailed continuity of static objects amongst the bits and pieces of life. 

Digits are silly looking things that fade away rather than be transmitted around the world along with the nuisance of media attention.

Being cornered by an intrusion of the internet will not be a salvage whether you are aware of it or not.

Opposite views of the training camp of the internet are not criminal, they are twisted.

To function optimally is a morbid manifestation.

Desert the unpleasant senses with inadvertent allegiance.

On the internet people are temporarily deferred luckily from the inconvenience of life.

Don’t electronically overlook life because it is not fundamentally a challenge in ways you can’t even foresee.

The internet is a lifestyle prescription of data first circulated by modern thinkers who have a great deal to hide not currently recognized.   

Online communications leave you carried away by a steady resulting injury such as a loss of faith in politicians.

The modern internet has invisible symptoms of routine corrosion.

The chronic overload of repetitive intention of new generations is a farce.  

Reveal nothingness as extreme mental confusion throughout the body.

Mind control has gone missing for the oppressed and is in recess and can only be corrected by throwing yourself out of windows which materializes into no sound judgement.

Internet offerings are hard to follow unless they are rogue and cut off from all communication.

Being a busy individual on digital devices is a sin.

Blow away your fingers while you are on a digital device at this present stage of life where social phenomena is unexplained.

Manage the disease of identical backgrounds.

Digitization is a deliberately deceptive disturbance of unsurmountable difficulties with no defensive strategy.

Digital devices go right through your eyeballs without realizing it.

Machines are taking preference to the same extent as life itself.

The internet is not a superstructure of grace because it is presented as mechanical rather than a unique uncouth configuration swelling with guests.

Digital devices have unreal shocking lighting eventually unearthed. 

Don’t pay attention to chronic bickering on the internet because it may choke you with intricate punishment.

Sombre subtleties are suppressed rather than instilled in you by disturbing evidence of large international organizations.  

The internet has flushed plots especially if you are paranoid.

This enterprise exacerbates online numbing of the observed earth which is typically a precursor and an indicator of other problems.

The real problem is academic abuse irrespective of connections with other people you might call a gateway which must be destroyed.

Shift away from the internet and encounter the comfort and despair of melancholy and inward grief rather than let the totality of life prevail as a myth addressed primarily to prehistoric geeks.

Don’t disseminate pragmatism because it is hard to defend yourself from as it is a complete fabrication.

The internet was created by serial thinkers and scientists.  

The internet is a whisked-up disguise of digital gangs unknown by Man or other massive campaigns of life on earth acknowledged as a startling irreparable system of private spheres.