Both heaven and hell are exceedingly useful, leaving modes of existence to disintegrate into pulp.

Knowledge, understanding, perception and instruction and other things not to be rejoiced come from the series of appearances of living, not death.

In both heaven and hell your footsteps are cancelled, the only difference is in hell they are not cancelled in a lingering polite way.     

In death you carry absolutely nothing through from life, whether you go to heaven or to hell.

You are probed by authorities before being overtaken by death and corporate presence.

You have thrown away the last remaining pulp of life you have been accustomed to through a critical shortfall of provisions to become immortal.

Compared to life on earth both heaven and hell are an exodus from cruelty.

Hell: Under current government policies you still will go there even if you are good.

You don’t even know that you have been shut out from life when you die, your identity and history turns to pulp.

You raise enough truth during your life time which elapses as a complete disaster come unstuck.

Multiplicity of pulp you are scarcely ever conscious of even if your biological structure is in hell.

Authorized reconstruction of sentiment requires a plurality of emergency crews.

But under the desires and inclinations of a cult hell does not exist until future notice because there is comprehensive comradery unbeknown to Satan who mobilizes an imminent attack of public opinion.

Whether you go to heaven or hell the perspective spectrum of present experience slips into obscurity for many years you are not aware of.

There is only disturbing documentary evidence that hell exists because no flashes are never noticed coming from it.

All precarious conclusions imposed on life deserve worshipping.

Rather than the frequently renewed dualism of heaven being cool and hell being hot there is a trial of flexibility distributed and sponsored by the Holy Ghost.