Nought equals nothing equals zero desire.

Forgetting about persistent knowledge accessed according to bureaucracies is the main theme of Nought Identity.

Nought identity has amnesia compatibility. There is amnesia wherever you go as a displacement of linear expansion of time and space.

Furthermore, additional forces of nihilism are of intrinsic interest.

A lot of nowhere predilection for moral courage. 

Nought identity refers to the way nobody traverses their brain anymore because of the many cultures existing in one country who have nothing in common. People become alienated grumps. This is a probable void. The only way to save ourselves is by distributing the decay amongst us so that the burden does not lay on one single generation.

The brain can be broken at any point however way you usually refer to it. The potential for a physical situation between people diminishes. If you don’t get this your mind has already broken down by unseen factors you can’t liberate yourself from.

The mind becomes the most blurred part of the body. It is not accessible anymore, which is totally unacceptable. You have to adapt to that cluster of negativity. Nothing involving thinking happens. There’s a chance you will not even notice your original brain at all.

People are vigorously shuffled like sheep into the void. There’ll be plenty more other opportunities to act within a bombardment of naïve animals.

The overall theme of Nought Identity is that within multi-cultural societies there is a large chance you will lose your cultural identity and accessories. You will have greater inclinations towards dementia, as has been predicted in the next decade. 

Express conduct of culture is being compromised in steps, not junctures.

Primordial compensating factors for loss of cultural identity are essential.

Skip triumph regardeth of life and don't become transgressors of jealousy.

Being lodged with the inseparable companion of point blank nihilism requires no revenge.

Any response to knowledge is for business only.

Life is horrible unless you know of concepts of the epidemiology of autism without a comparison study.