Oytcho Visha


Created by Wombom Margorald

ESTB 2018

The Oytcho Visha Sphere

Here comes the gateway into an unusual world....

This is the voyage you've been waiting for forever.

"This website has got it all, incoherent streams of consciousness, climate change denial, conspiracies, attempts at mysticism, solipsism, a Donald Trump fan page...!?!?, even a vaguely nationalistic looking logo."

Our obsession is to create a bubbly and prolific blend of themes and schemes, in order to contribute to the apparatuses of modern life and culture.

Oytcho Visha is for those that cherish multi-purpose themes and schemes which will never become bungled.

Primarily, Oytcho Visha is an endeavour to create a cult institution: an entity which encompasses the processes and effects of a wider, more plural historical domain.

The exponential rise of paranoia and other insecurities in these modern times is slowed and controlled when people are nudged into cult institutions.

We provide the impetus for the movements of modern culture to thrive with a great deal of frisky innovation.

Our fundamental sphere of interest is to assess, judge and then deconstruct the spheres of modern culture on a large scale.

Observe many opportunities to look at modern culture without proper perspective.

We have an infatuation for reducing mass culture to a bare minimum.

Immediately withdraw from mass culture and reaffirm chief operations in a sphere which has more integrity and less volitility.

Rather than reducing the scale of public knowledge, we transmit an overload of data.

This is the situation where large masses of knowledge are ruined forever.

Rather than discussion providing an accompaniment to knowledge, rhetoric and persuasion and several other forms of propaganda are by all means used.

This is another way knowledge is dismantled.

We seldomly like the world just the way it is.

It is obscene not to take any action over this.

We rebel against special authorities with broad powers invading our minds.

Oytcho-Visha is where opportunities are given traction for those that live the most discontented and rebellious lifestyles ever released.

The Oytcho Visha enterprise will ultimately be developed as an epochal news media corporation with a broad stratum of themes and ideas.

Adjacent to our epoch we steer our followers into a masterly direction expressly forbidden in other areas of culture.

As a variant of the pragmatic approach to life, we provide the corrridor into ideas which cause you to transcend this dimension and take a first step into a larger world.

The mainstream does not qualify as a grand plan in modern culture.

Our cultural amendments will eventually achieve a progressive supreme power for our devoted and trusted enthusiasts and personnel respectively.

The innumerable facets of time that do damage to modern culture we rake up and dispose of in a lavish way.

We take a thoroughly non-conformist route towards gaining power.

We are technical experts at this and we work without being hampered by any boundaries.

Under all conditions and circumstances our fans and enthusiasts are summoned into the middle of an extraordinary quest.

We vow to have our fans situated in a heritage of elite power and dignity.

We have an eloquent capacity to survey ways to thrill our followers and enthusiasts.

We promise to accomodate our fans and enthusiasts vehemently.

Our website has sound finesse and aura, unlike other mechanisms of culture which have an acute shortage of panache.

The furtherance of gratification we have an inkling for, all in a joint resitance against the melancholy of our age.

Our ideas are fuelled by an ambush of mass culture and the movements and organsiations incorporated within it.

Oytcho Visha is a detour, a disassociation from the monotonous influence of mass culture, where moroseness sets in spontaneously.

Deactivate the support you receieve from mass culture because the platform lacks suppleness.

Mass culture translates to powerlessness, or an exchange of power for morose deeds.

Our propaganda shows disaffection for the irritating plot of mass culture.

Expel everything accompanying mass culture.

Do not ration abstinence from mass culture.

Sequestrate the vessel of mass culture.

Resume to overthrow the sensibilities and worries of mass culture, then your life will be composed of something special.

Our objective is to draft in somewhat of a resumption of the nationalist communist era of the former U.S.S.R.

This period of history consisted of a reduction of mass culture compared to today's world and its differing opportunities.

A revival of this empty and desolate era of history is our preferred form of politics.

These were times when there were silent dangers all around.

Despite there being less opportunities, in this era of history people were guests of a more serene era.

Under mass culture you envisage and procure the whole of creation as an awkward farce.

Modern politicians summon faulty solutions to the world's problems in droves. They don't provide us with fortification.

Forification is inverted to create panic and fear.

Oytcho-Visha is an established enclave divorced from the sectors of mass culture and any embassy arrangement which supports it.

We find ourselves further and further away from the reverberations of authorities and their desparate endeavour to create utterly morose policies.

A cult is a group of faithful and disciplined people pledging a commitment to a common cause which thrills you so.

Belonging to a cult, you can become indifferent to any other job you are appointed to, because there is less hierachy and other circumstances which can cause death.

For all practical purposes, there will be some deviations before the corporation is created and crew are appointed whom find consolation in an atmosphere testimony to having no heavy burdens put on them.

Oytcho-Visha is in the midst of launching a far-reaching, compelling, reactionary factor to change world culture before it perishes or is broken up and forgotten.

The elegant simplicity of our schemes and themes is enough to expose corruption in and effect profound change in governments.

We are discontented with and rebel against modern governments, which are composed of people who are generally empty of charisma, and devoid of finesse and incapable of making a change to our world.

Governments have perplex resolutions which have no credibility or assurance. They are a mere housekeeper for government business and don't do what's right for the people.

There is unsatisfactory liberty in the world we live in.

Hate your government, then you will be under no restraint of seizing occupation of it.

Multifarious Apparatuses

The way we seize and dispose of ways of life which makes you flustered gives us our reputation.

Encounter decrees to make life less of a nuisance.

Oytcho-Visha is a plan to remove chaos and tension stationed in your life only to defy.

An important consequence of this is that you do not incur the risk of becoming dependent on mainstream institutions and establishments.

We don't feel at home around authority precisely because it is a source of oppression for those unsuspecting of us.

We live in a world where the safety we rely on has vanished in an unprecedented way. But if you are strongly backed by a cult, this lack of safety is indeed contained.

Cults are a powerful engine because they are not reliant upon just lingering intellectual diversions or negotiations completed in establishments.

As a cult realm, we propel our own terminology and designate our own grandeur.

We outlay our own succession of weird ideas, proposals and resolutions.

We demonstrate a succession of protocols on the basis of propelling measures to strengthen culture and society convincingly.

We advance ideas which are foreign in an unrelenting way.

Our obsession with multifarious apparatuses will take you to unexpected places to indulge in as an encounter inherited from the Holy Ghost.

Our revolutionary platform will be not be spoiled because it will display determined resistance against the harrassment of mass culture.

Oytcho Visha is a cult establishment; an intriguing cult exhibition. It is the perfect example of a sect gaining revolutionary traction which will never be dissolved.

Cults offer protection for people in principle without reproach.

Anything attributed as traumatic is accordingly thrown out the door.

The collectivisation of a cult or sect reduces emotional poverty and degradation and a whole lot of other issues and ordeals embodied in or affecting modern life.

Oytcho-Visha provides a corridor to remove grief from life; but we don't do this through disco parties. We do it through carrying out an unwaning assault on modern conventions and institutions.

Our cult is crammed full of conspiracies which dissect the prototypes of modern institutions.

We detect numbing defects in the New World Order.

We collectively rebuke the framework of the modern cultural sphere.

This venture will probably involve sodden fateful consequences which have their own declaration of grief.

But as a cult realm we aim to downsize the accumulation of disturbances in the modern world.

We efface traumatic plots of the world we reside in.

The cult has divine prospects, as well as splendid prowess.

We are the progenitors of a mosaic wave of unusual themes and schemes.

We confess to having a cascading intensity where termination will never take place.

Oytcho Visha has been created and preserved with vintage spark.

The whole thing just vibrates.

We blame the 'system' and its schedules for making us so embarrassingly discontented and creating an outbreak of a lack of self-assurance in our disposition.

Exodus from Every Day Reality

We are trying to engineer a higgledy-piggledy enterprise where reality becomes harboured in fantasy.

Reality is pedigree torture.

Escape right out of it.

Sabotage any invitation to be a part of reality.

Henceforth make an exodus from every reality that has ever been elucidated on record.

Pedigree torture is a reality which needs to be annihilated. It can cannot be dealt with methodically by any stipulation or law.

We seek to prove that objective reality is generally not present in most people's lives; not even intermittently.

We give a formal guarantee that we will control, suppress, and conceal reality through being disloyal to the driving power of it.

We do not act in accordance with reality, because the world is dangerous enough as it is.

The world doesn't consist of personal security which you can trust in.

Objective reality tarnishes fantasy and causes disparities in daily life, and nobody stands trial for this.

Reality troubles us; we would rather trade it in for something more cacophonous.

Henceforth reality troubles us only intermittently.

By belonging to a cult, you are committing yourself to an existence you are not aware of. Awareness is disposed of, and reality leans forward to an abyss which has few drawbacks.

Slide back into the pattern of mysteriousness. This is the one thing you are allowed to do in the modern world.

Belonging to a cult, remarkable unheard of luxuries are plentiful to confide in, there is no coarseness or crude and unpleasant patterns of living, or any other deliberate injustices.

By belonging to a cult commune you zone out from the stress of everyday life which you endure as your own astronomical struggle you beg to stray from.

Enter a remote world which indicates beyond all measures the urge for menace to perish.

Witness and pursue something immortal to restore your morale, which is testimony to something which does not cease.

The public and private conduct of reality is not a built-in mechanism of our bodies, so there is no great cause for concern.

Oytcho-Visha will vigilantly diminish the regular, domestic realities of life by superseding them in a sly rather than noble way.

We spearhead ideals where reality is ominously silenced before being formidably disposed of shortly afterwards.

The advantage of peace is integrity, tranquility and prosperity, but you need sufficient resilience to reality to create peace.

Overall, the enterprise is not just a news vessel. It is a thrilling underworld sourced from an orb of initiatives all of which have hues of promising wonder.

Oytcho Visha is an alternative news cult designed for people who don't like watching regular news, sport and weather, which are all built upon mass culture.

We are not confined to current affairs news of interest bought to you each day through mass culture.

Repudiate being part of the encirclement of mass culture. Refuse to be under the canopy of it.

Being xenophobic deliberately dislocates you from mass culture, diminishing the need for it in all manner.

Being dependent on the underworld for yonks your lifestyle begins to mimic that of a punk or gothic.

This is a zealous revolution condoned as a retaliation against mass culture.

The encirclement of affectionate circumstances is to be found outside mass culture.

To achieve complete political isolation from modern culture provides us with enthusiasm, power and so-called dignity, dignity which has been lost for a long long time.

Mass culture is sustained ruthlessness; and it is also plausible that it is somewhat a form of fascism in disguise.

An abolition of ecstasy is similarly constituted in a fascist society.

This site is designed for those that find themselves on the brink of fascism on a regular basis.

Squeeze a bit of deconstructionism into your life because it is a valuable commodity in these fascist times.

We dissuade people from elevating their sympathies toward fascism.

Reflections and Commentaries

There are loads of happenings in today's world, and we aim to hurtle out formidably bizzare reflections and commentaries on the planet's most gripping issues, as well as the number of different factors which contribute to them.

At the moment our resources are very limited. With no provisions to marvel in; inadequately resourced, we are now now functioning as a publishing house.

We are elegantly forlorn.

Preliminary optimism is essential.

To manoeuvre out of this problem, we hope to gain a legion of fans and enthusiasts.

To become a member of our cult please email Wombom Margorald. Contact details are near the bottom of this page.

Anything for a contribution is all you need to do.

How our enterprise functions is that we forward on creative accessories to up-and-coming artists and musicians. These are then harnessed impulsively to make news programs.

In the future we plan to open doors to an entire range of renowned pioneering entities, which include the internet, books, film, television, music, theatre, and the arts.

Oytcho Visha is a multi-purpose theatrical event; an event which is totally dependent on the education and skill of the performers and presenters we offer contracts to.

We aim to provide a venue for emerging avant-garde artists and musicians wanting to be afforded power status.

Power status consists of making a musical or artistic oath to pursue a well-grounded vigorous immense tradition of glory.

We envisage artistic activity which fulfills, and which can make sharp surges of good news overall.

Oytcho Visha is where resourceful achievers whom serve society in a striking way stack together to transmit a cult to the world.

Belonging to a Decadent Artistic Continuum

The real world is devoid of supreme satisfaction which needs properly mended, because it consists of a prevailing moroseness.

We don't aim or envisage being part of the real world because it has the immense capacity to create and conduct apathy and malaise with force.

We are a supremely decadent artistic continuum.

Most modern companies would be too inefficient to administrate any of this. They would remain as hostages of their own admiistration.

Our news is mainly centred around the arts, history and politics, most of which lie outside governmental circles and the copious regulations created by those moving about in them.

Synchronic with presenting and configuring news, we also promote our own absurd, flamboyant agenda which has a hint of anarchy to it, representing the younger element of society.

Our agenda constitutes the assurance that we will be able to support artists and musicians in the future forever.

Oytcho Visha has been created for those who can't resist dark forces and sentiments.

We are isolated from heat and light, which are the exploiters of humankind.

Our destiny is completely dark. We proceed to deliberately withdraw or detach ourselves from anything which victoriously enlightens.

Oytcho Visha is truly the most dark yet iconic cult to be ranked as immortal.

We shall not be intimidated by authorities trying to advance their collective policies which ruin economies.

Cults and sects overturn conventional ideas by unifying devoted people in an enigmatic way.

We signal repeatedly that cults are a crucial provision for life. It is estimated that there is no escape from this captivating destiny.

We encourage commitment for those whom neglect being a guardian of mass culture.

A delicate operation is underway to accrue cult members. We will one day have the numbers to take over parliments by compulsion.

Our cult consists of an unprecedented recruitment of people who will be with us from the beginning right through to the end.

Rally into our cult comrades and witness an unprecedented commanding endeavour to change, alterate global culture and its institutions and organisations responsible for everything morose in this world.

If you are looking for something ecstatically different, a cult will enrich your life supremely, accordingly, by habit.

Witness methods employed to manifest a cult destiny which has a distinct bizarre touch.

We give locomotion to fetishes and other persistently bizarre events and methods, in preparation for the riddance of reality.

Oytcho Visha is an erratic tonic, an avid detour from reality; our lives do not orientate around or attach to the territories of reality, however accurately defined reality is shared.

It is an indispensble, all-powerful, omnipotent fantasy realm.

Our vision of the world summons systemic revolutionary extremism on a pragmatic basis.

This will bring big benefits on an aesthetic scale; every other way of life is a spiteful nuisance.

But there are people who completely denounce the stratum of our ideals.

The enterprise is a classical, vintage subculture which expels rather than adopts or absorbs modern conventions.

Widespread Gothic Sentiments

The site is designed for those that utilize and indulge in widespread Gothic sentiments.

We are equipped with an abundance of old fashioned manoeuvres to enable gothics to achieve numerical superiority in the modern world.

It is of considerable importance and intrigue for those living a gothic life style of indefeatable eloquence.

We engage in Gothic matters which are not recommended for civilians nor the intelligentsia.

We are the progenitors of mysticism which is well-protected from these monolithic ways of life we refuse to take part in.

In essence, our declarations will probably be perceived as cranky by most educational faculties, which rehearse knowledge arrangements daily.

Rather than being a square, trade in your old life or rearrange your old one for the enchantment of gothic customs and Batman themes and scenarios.

Dark propaganda we always manage well throughout because we are deviationists of mass culture.

Our propaganda doesn't originate from opinions, it is more of a wrath not supported or carried by reason.

Far-reaching nationistic propaganda is a prominent factor in our literary and artistic circles.

We are a gothic enterprise not intercepted by mass culture.

This website is designed to be an intimate dissertation, yet we sometimes lean toward more belligerent political activities.

We do not walk like angels 100% of the time.

Nobody wants to be hunched down in an extra-careful way of life all of the time.

We construct a comfort zone for the artists and musicians of our age, controlling the destinies of Man.

We are veterans of a bizarre history. Bizarre things are part of our staged affairs because they are not accompanied by the clasp of reason.

We give locomotion to fetishes and other bizarre events to indulge in, and disregard reality.

What we do to crown ouselves as deviants of the modern world is to defamiliarize the familiar.

Fetch impossibilities and make them possible.

As a news network we deliver stringent measures of instructions rather than advice to reach our fanbase.

We deliver retro instructions rather than modern, futuristic ones.

We vanquish existing instructions on how to live life.

Rather than through the zone of daily citizenship, we speak out from the twilight zone.

Through an exile of reality, we engage in a tilted, eschewed view of the world more than you can bargain for.

Stringent measures to remove ourselves from daily citizenship broadens our foundations.

We do not surmise corroboration with mass culture.

Our site lies outside the frontier of mass culture in all manner.

The codes and conduct of mass culture are intimidating; they do not provide mutual salvation.

The general conclusion is that bureaucrats are the principal instrument of mass culture.

Sanity and reality needs hastily rebuilt to our own specifications, not by bureaucrats or politicians. Otherwise we will be just another product of our times.

We aim to deccimate the authority that these people have by creating an underground revolution.

Overturn the tenacious monitoring of bureaucrats on your life.

The corridor to power of bureaucrats needs to be put under extensive scrutiny, otherwise we will all become impaired hostages in our own country.

Our revolutionary contemporaries will restore faith and order into the world.

Oytcho Visha is a provocative stunt to expel the dominant paradigms of our age.

Moreover, we must allude to, for practical purposes, that intimidation, once undertaken, could perhaps lead to difficulties which cannot be determined in advance.

We evoke the whole gamut of luxurious rather than functionary paradigms.

To obtain considerable amounts of satisfaction from life is the triumph of any cult.

Broad masses of the population are heading in the direction of alienation. This is why our cult has been constituted - to avoid any suggestion of alienation.

Alienation is prominent in our times, you don't need a rational calculation to know this.

Accordingly we alleviate the escalating anxieties and burdens of our age and times.

What constitutes alienation acccordingly is rebuked.

At oytcho-visha, irrepressible pacification is guaranteed.

To do this we don't run by normal time. For ultimate comfort we want to see daylight savings scrapped.

Abolish daylight savings because it is the devil's sinister motive which we have all become accustomed to.

The devil is a hot and horrible angel.

Make daytime go away and let night time dictate your life with pride and joy comrades.

We emphasize schemes and themes crammed full of evening innovations.

On the whole we are increasingly hopeful that day-time will become evening.

Crazy antics after dark get things moving.

There is more daylight at the top of the universs than the botttom. That's why we preside in the bottom of the universe.

The seclusion of midnight is a force to be reckoned with.

The sunrise manifests as an offence to us which we dissent from.

The sun shines in packed with features and technology

But we propel and jolt our heads to midnight tunes.

Home-spun daytime innovations are a nascent, burgeoning disaster which doesn't offer prominant and intimate collective security.

It also muffles our occultist attempts to rid people of domesticity we are occupied with day by day.

Remote darkness is totally satisfactory for our practical needs.

We do whatever measures possible to make evenings become assembled as quick as possible.

After a dismal day, when the night time comes things just happen which are considerably groovy to be aboard.

Nights are all you need. Nocturnal ambitions are all you need.

The revival of night-time power is something we aptly believe in.

Nervous wrecks live life on an erratic ideological basis without a trace of calm. Those in cults barely ever suffer from the effects of political, economic and social anxiety.

We are dedicated to providing alternative news in an austere manner, no fuss, no despair, no regrets.

Appearing somewhat as a cult form of universalism which is as huge and mysterious as the sky itself:

Oytcho Visha is a cultist arrangement so large it makes the sky look like a peg, and the break of day look like a clothes line....

And grandmother's knickers appear out of the blue like a molecular mass from another world.

Folklore groomed to perfection.

Ice Manifesto

What separates us from many other media companies is that we don't believe in global warming.

Global warming is a sinister myth.

What Oytcho Visha delivers as part and parcel of its agenda is a mosaic repudiation of global warming theory. We totally rebuff it.

Oytcho Visha is a vehicle which vigourously rebuffs the chief figures making lies such as global warming.

We zealously deplore thawed reality and the conditions and circumstances surrounding it.

Coolness is the custodian of our DNA.

Environmentalists are unperturbed over their own ruthlessness to degrade the planet.

Warmth is a momentary event, it is not absolute. It is possibly received from our past life where some of us attended the gathering of the devil, before being released back into heaven on Earth.

How is it that environmentalists can bomb us with a newcoming farce? Maybe they are pro-Nazi.

Discontinue the tradition of those purporting global warming because they are preocccupied with creating a treasonable act.

Global warming is not an immediate worry nor an ultimatum; it is a policy of repression created by liberal environmentalists.

Denounce, resign, repudiate, retaliate against those that believe in global warming.

Immediately repudiate infernal traditions destroying the civilian population.

In the future unpredictable infernos will be rare.

Modern environmentalists suffer from a virulent strain of retardedness.

It is the environmentalists who have erupted a reckless struggle of global impact bringing new misery to our world as a consequence.

Living without the threat of global warming is a perfectly sustainable possibility.

In the future there will be limited potential to forecast warm weather convincingly.

We decisively believe that global warming theory is a plot to undermine industrial growth.

Under no circumstances do we believe global warming is real. We are not servants of the devil.

Environmentalists persist in creating fake universal judgements in an unfavourable way.

Tuck in for permanently cool temperatures, and retaliate against modern environmentalists trying to weave lies like global warming.

Environmentalists express bellowing emptiness which invades the earth's future in ways that need scrapped.

Global warming proponents have inconceivably established a threat to mankind.

Global warming is a stunningly designed fallacy which you cannot breakaway from easily unless you join a cult which has a myriad of ways courting coolness.

Our presence provides an overall winter-fresh model of diversity within all walks of life which is beyond lamentable repent.

We are public heirlooms for all those persons with unfailing polar tendencies.

More than your average product of cool protocol.

However in which way profiled we heed coolness.

Take pride in the oneness of cold temperatures.

Our vanguard testimony will make the world cool again.

For the best coolness ever produced you need to be part of a cult.

We have an indigenous affection for coolness. Our full immersion of coolness will give us a renewed vigour and secure our future.

We demonstrate both coolness, as well as the non-conservative expulsion of warmth.

Global warming is a senseless lie, it is a backward cultural movement.

At Oytcho-Visha vehement coolness is fundamentally inevitable.

In future years the cloudless crunch of clear blue sky will manufacture ice systems which encroach upon summer days as standard.

Modern environmentalists inexcusably accelerate false beliefs such as global warming, all of which causes enormous harm.

People making claims that we are all locked up is some foul, crude ecosystem should be hastily persecuted.

Global warming theory is a standing joke resonating as a farce.

The wonderful versatile elation of staying cool is our hallmark.

Environmentalists are making false predictions about the future.

Flushing out these false theories from our system is our priority.

We aim to extract, vacate, depart from the melting voyages climatologists are trying to take us on.

We ensure refrigeration by shielding the world from being capable of being docked in warmth.

We disaffiliate ourselves from the trail climatologists and environmentalists are trying to lead us down.

One thing is assured: climate-wise, the atlas of the world is perfectly alright the way it is. The world is in great shape.

Oytcho-Visha is a supreme alternative enterprise which has some medieval aspects conducive to its atmosphere.

The sheer scale and volume of medievalism presided over the notion that the world was flat rather than round.

Live by the prudence of medieval times, and escape the woeful modern era.

Needless to say, our world is our roof top we live uder.

We live a long term of our lives in a flat atmosphere.

The lenght and hieght of the atlas needs held down and straightened out.

Round worlds are perpetually obese.

Erase the atlas of the world, deem it to be observably a flat rather than a round place to live on.

Absence of being enveloped within a round world helps you avoid repression.

We are victims of our own geography.

See what happens when you shut the door to the horizon.

Refrain from committing to the 21st century, because it will be the most hapless century on record.

Repudiating and arresting this haplessness in every measure is the key to the future.

From whatever angle you look at it, our history is especially in need at this present time of being reinvigourated. There is no extreme importance in believing in the future.

Absence of the desire to travel aboard means that we are not impregnated with the rumour that the world is round.

Gravity is the only expeditionary force we know of.

Never neglect unfaltering medieval gothic mythology.

Those that show disinterestedness of the reversal of modern culture into a mythological sphere will often exhibit insincerity.

A flat world has no beginning and has no end.

We are ultimately very much a minority because of our medieval schemes.

Climate change implies a devastating and unacceptable apocalypse, but we backtrack from all of this.

Modern environmentalists are trying to convince us that we are going through the gateway to armegeddon.

We aim to completely derail the barmy paradigms of modern environmentalists and geophysicists.

We will build a radical ice empire which will never become dominated by global warmth.

Ths is a way of developing a safe and sound stronghold, and intriguing enclave, a closed corporation:

A global panacea fraught with inaccessibility, unless you join the cult.

Short summers and long winters are subsequently executed.

Chill is our creative accessory which we have seized from the polar spheres.

Deplore people whose lifestyle deliberately revolves around heat, because they are not our comrades in any event. Keep out of reach of them in a fulfilling display of rebellion.

The Abandoning of Reality

We are in all manner in the process of summoning in a precious, distinguished cult realm.

Cults don't incorporate popular sensibilities. Upon circumspection they are an amendment of reality not ratified by governments.

At the end of the day, it is horribly embarrassing not being part of a cult, creed, faction or alliance.

Thereupon, ultimately a cult or alliance is a powerful engine to unite people.

Not being part part of a cult you will be blessed with disposable good fortune.

Without belonging to a cult or alliance you come to feel empty, desolate, crippled and stripped of your power indefensibly. A period of destruction follows which threatens your security.

Under these exact same circumstances as being in a war, out of your own defence and security, become a commissar of your own destiny.

Those not belonging to a cult or alliance often suffer from considerable demoralisation. This does not rear a good lifetime plan.

Without the rituals of a cult and the discipline and obligation associated with it, there is a slim chance of getting satisfaction and meaning from life.

Being part of a cult has productive, fulfilling mutually satisfying graciousness.

Belonging to a cult is a way of recruiting, reinvigourating, rather than seeking, meaning into your life.

It provides a feel good factor to have a cult to turn to at your own traditional convenience.

The assumed significance of reality does not apply to all things.

Intensive psychosis brings joy.

Being pathetic has practical aspects.

If you are going to have a mental impairment, psychosis is the outstanding choice.

Find consolation in that the best moments of your life are when you feel spastic.

Belong to a cult does not do you a discredit; on the contrary you gain inestimable satisfaction from life.

If you have issues longer than the length of your body, a cult force can be of benefit.

Nobody wants to shed the uniform priviledges which a cult can supply.

Joining a cult has cosmic benefits to demand your unaccustomed attention.

In times of trouble we are an apocryphal phenomenon borne of sustained inscrutability.

Cultural Cold War

The Oytcho Visha enterprise was also set up to capture the essence of the escalating cultural cold war which is occurring at the moment.

A cultural cold war is a war founded exclusively upon the arts. Real wars lie outside our field.

The war is not designated as a military mission.

We aim to open up cultural worlds which have previously been obstructed by revolts and uprisings.

Nevertheless it provides a rational insight into what real war is all about.

Speaking of culture not driven by a large and roomy war is a dissapointment.

The fervour of the cold war reinstated warrants enthusiasm.

Our cold war encompasses a blitz, we can't disguise this.

We are instrumental in creating the pathway for a convincing cold war.

We do declare that this war will restart the opposition between Russia and the United States.

We are disinlined to establish and expand diplomatic realtions between Russia and America.

The cold war will make an astonishing comeback. The largest cold war not seen since the Soviet era.

Our cold war will be bigger than the war in Europe.

This cold war is the confrontation between countries in the realm of culture and the arts.

The next cold war, the cultural cold war, will be fought in the cyber space - on the internet, the digital universe.

Nobody can express their views on these matters, because it is an all-out-war.

Most people believe that another global war, WW3, will not happen; but this attitude is defective, because there will be another war, albeit on a cultural scale.

The historic third world war will have some elements of a real war.

This is a good old fashioned war. It's always nice to bring your inclinations and passions to the frontline of a cold war.

Our old world variety of politics will make it difficult to disembark from a genuine, real cold war.

Our cold war is in a way synonymous with the cold war of the 1970's and 1980's.

Most of our themes are utterances of an imperialist, nationalistic fervour.

The way things should be in politics should be meteoritic.

This gives testament to a militant faction converted from a real war to a cold war.

There is no tit-for-tat politics here.

There's no academia baggage here.

There is no casual intellectual innuendos here.

Field test demolitions are but a scientific endeavour for the speculators.

Cults, Alliances and Empires

The key premise of the enterprise is that Facebook is not far away from becoming an obsolete sphere.

Rahther than being impressive, Facebook is a crass empire.

Facebook is a vile fabrication of friendships you rely on. The Facebook edifice is a falsification of social life which translates to average gossip.

Facebook has introduced platinum commotion into the world.

Political correctness is the decisive factor of Facebook; there is no exaltation.

On Facebook you become victim to an inadequately sterilized form of culture.

On Facebook you bond with others with less time, less cost, less fuss. How exciting is that?

People joing Facebook because it comes at a platinum price: zilch.

Facebook has already hit it's peak. It is all down hill from here. Blame it all on the saboteurs, the Russians.

The enfeebled sensations perpetuated through social media will soon fall from the mantle.

Repudiate the affections of social media then you will gain more solicitude with your peers.

The reason why we rebuke social media is that it is a vulgar happening.

On social media, obtaining satisfaction is doubtful.

People contact each other with extreme regularity, not to mention through a good amount of gayness.

Facebook is suspended as a free zone to communicate with friends. There is no drama here.

Facebook is a retraction of drama, thus it has no credibility as a social network.

Facebook is the faintest carnival ever invented by any stretch.

Facebook will be wiped off the map because it has nothing on it powerful or imposing.

The cool kids have stopped using facebook already.

They don't find any satisfaction in it because the communication exchanges on it are uncool.

Instead people will turn more and more to cults, alliances and empires, in an elaborate and extensive display of unity and pride.

Defacing Facebook will come as great offence to many people in the world. But don't worry, alternatives of sorts will surface.

On Facebook people are not compliant with intimate privacy.

Facebook is a faceless corporate giant creating bureaucratisation of the internet.

Facebook users all share in the same arranged journey.

Facebook will not last long because all it accomplishes is unrefined, artificial prestige.

Facebook is an ordeal which needs smashed because it does not have a thoroughly festive appearance.

Facebook is a temporary thing; Bluntly put, Oytcho Visha is not.

On social media peers embark on a journey which has much stigma attached to it.

Facebook has prepared a plot to create a culture of a left-wing monoculture of dowdy conformity.

Prepared temporary things last long ocassionally.

Facebook is old and decrepit and ineffective in as far as creating considerable amounts of true friendships goes.

Be reassured, only cults proceed to create true bonds which last forever and day.

Facebook is a grim phenomenon which will undergo erosion in the near future.

The rambling on Facebook has been instrumental in creating a dangerous and stupid saga.

Logging onto Facebook is a morose deed. People on their are guilty of sharing debri on the internet.

There is little to explore on there unless you steadfastly believe in or execute homogeneity.

Most people on Facebook are exceedingly gay, which needs to be repelled, or bought to conclusion.

We seek a bold expulsion of homogeneity. The glorification of heterogeneity is bestowed upon us.

Facebook is an assembly of people subservient to the digital age.

Facecook users all live in the same chamber which is difficult to abort from.

There are more mysterious and elaborate atmospheres to furnish your life with other than Facebook or You Tube.

You Tube is a slop haven of goop.

Facebook is not made of valuable recollections of life, it is all just a source of chit-chat.

Facebook users are lifestyle show-offs.

Facebook users are by and large slap bang in the middle of a jocular social frenzy; there are no gothics to be found there.

Social media users are keenly motivated to converse with peers as a social accessory to their daily lives.

Be cautious of Facebook because it may not provide the satisfacton you seek.

You fall into the trap of an artificial enactment of social life.

Your existence becomes slowly fabricated in a scornful way.

Tumultuous outbursts of discussion are found outside the social media realm of Facebook.

Be cautious of Faceboook because none of it is exceptionally tumultuous, there is a deficiency of tumult.

Facebook is full of people overly-zealous of communicating with their peers.

On social media everybody is jammed together in one single space. This creates emotional and ethnic difficulties difficult to vacate from.

Facebook encourages the growth of friendships through an exchange rate:

The more friends you have, the less old-fashioned privacy you have from days gone by.

Facebook is a bad place to go to because you lose much of your robust autonomy. You become totally reliant on people all of the time.

It is a dysfuntional society when people can't look after themselves and rely on staged mass culture.

Facebook is engineered for poofs. There are no dramatic confrontations to be found on there. Life roles need reformed without exception.

We are in the process of developing a coalition of enterprises endowed with the quest to end Facebook.

Escalation of Isolationism

Believe us, our target is to dramatically change how the media world functions in a multiple of ways in a formidable way.

People regularly turn to music and television to boost morale excessively, which is better than a pinch on the bum.

What the world needs now is another cold war period: an elaborate and slow war which incorporates the elegance of yesteryear.

Yesterday's future was not as deplorable as today's future.

People whom assume otherwise are probably programmed to be yuppies or queers rushing here and there.

The modern definition of a yuppie is a person who cannot remember the time when social media didn't exist.

A cold war will generally prioritize division and create an escalation of isolationism.

We are anti-Facebook: the social media network creates heat, disease and tears; integrity is reduced if not fully erased.

Most people on Facebook have big and nasty devilish attitudes.

Facebook is a designer-made disease. The heat on it creates invincible monotony not seen of the face of the earth before.

The social media platform needs to be swiftly aborted because there is not enough protection and guidance for children.

We don't warrant Facebook as an authentic entity, because we would contract scabies if we did.

Unfortunately on Facebook people have a horrible tutalage of friends.

Facebook is not for those who are afraid of combined, closed in places.

On Facebook lacklustre friendships march forward in ways which cannot be stalled easily.

To bulldoze the Facebook Kingdom is one of our chief aims. There will be damn stuff breaking everywhere.

The social network will be screwed terminally.

The popular Facebook edifice will be outstandingly defeated, and people will have to rely more on self-sufficiency rather than the pride of peer support.

Whenever, whatever, however method is needed to bring down Facebook we will stoutly pursue by any means or measures necessary.

To defeat Facebook you need to exercise absolutely successful control for the longest possible time.

This will be sufficient to observe a proud, victorious conclusion which can never be rejected.

The facebook order is done and dusted, ruined totally. It is in a state of serious disrepair.

Accumulating friends is too much of a hassle.

This is our mission to end Facebook and its continuous general spectacle of gossip.

Without knowledege of what a social life means, we deconstruct the simple and average patterns of social media adamantly.

Facebook along with You Tube are places where mongrels thrive.

Facebook and other social media sites are fast becoming a pit stop for sodomizers.

On Facebook too many people surrender to sadistic conmen.

They even begin to advocate and participate in a reign of sado-masochism.

If the theory of global warming ever allows to dictate your actions, Facebook is to blame, because it is utterly devoid of coolness.

We aim to rescue people from the immoral discomfort Facebook brings.

Social media is like participating in a languid and horrid charade. Things just get that dilapidated.

Facebook is a corrupt and lacklustre outfit.

Facebook, like most social media sites, has zero panorama. It is a one-dimensional avenue of life. The textural dimensions are very flat, there is no spatial depth.

Facebook friend profiles are too close together, they are stacked up upon one another.

Shut the doors properly on Facebook, because the friends you make will cause you to be utterly paranoid.

The haunts of Facebook have saturated every aspect of modern culture; it has left it's mark on many cities and countries.

Anti-Facebook propaganda is extensively fundamental to our agenda. Facebook is not a real social experience; it is a facade, an arbitrary prop.

Facebook is finished, broken. It is stupid keeping something which is broken.

Facebook, the computer thing, hasn't got long to go before it keels over and goes into obsolescence.

Twitter and the prehistoric chirps coming out of it will also soon become obsolete; someway, somehow it will be all over.

Twitter is peacock culture. There are people on there chirping their little frocks off.

We are positively sure that all Facebook users are drongos. But it is completely absolutely fantastic to be a retarded drongo.

All of those on Facebook are on a one-way road to becoming a Neanderthal.

The grouped inhabitants of Facebook recapture the Neanderthal era.

Facebook prevails as a democratic republic of primitive people.

Facebook users are a national symbol of buffoonery.

Users of the social media device are subjected to an occasion of primitive escapism.

Facebook users are primitive from their neckline to their feet.

Human advancement is blatantly weakened.

This is absolutely scary stuff.

Facebook is full of people with social inclinations double those of a normal person.

Social media is the largest manufacturer of gossip in the world.

This is a mutual emergency requiring revolutionary vigilance at this present time.

On Facebook there is a big blob of gossip lurking.

Facebook is becoming full of muddled gossip which needs straightened out.

The circulation of gossip on Facebook should in greater measure be disapproved.

Oytcho Visha in this way is a plot to bring down Facebook. If successful, this will be an absolutely total change of lifestyle for many people in the world.

Rather than being a kingdom, Facebook will become a residence, an institution, where retarded people connect.

There is nothing complex nor challenging about running a Facebook page.

Nothing on Facebook in any instance is worthy of TV coverage.

With complete certainty we declare that Facebook and You Tube are full of old crummy sterile stagnant worthless rubbish which should be forbidden.

This radical plan to scrap Facebook can be explained and justified because terrorists are infiltrating it, which is an immediate and widespread concern.

Part of our agenda is to eliminate the assemblage of terrorism in the modern world.

Social media can turn your social life into an emotional casualty, a disaster.

Living in a social vacuum does have its privileges. Living in a social void brings elation.

With no personal relations, you become the forerunner of nothingness.

Negativity is good because it makes you rethink things.

Facebook is a shambolic entity because it's free. Any vibrant cultural scene which doesn't come with a price isn't worth pursuing.

For anything good to be found on this earth, you've got to pay, don't you?

Exhilarating things never come for free. Facebook is a shoddy cheap public world as a consequence of this.

Facebook is a free cheap operating network where people corroborate with each other without any foreign territory to engage in, it is all just the usual chit-chat which has no solemnety to it in its atmosphere.

Through cowardly using free internet services, Facebook users are the modern version of the proletariat:

There are plausible reasons enough that they have all been deliberately engineered as peasants.

There is no deluxe pride in being a peasant, unless you are a potential revolutionary.

On Facebook and Twitter you find a frugal synthesis of ideas and schemes to ponder over.

On Facebook average normal culture comes persistently easy, all of which we are oblivious to.

Facebook is very tabulated. There is not a lovely big sense of space beautiful to relax in.

On Facebook, your personal details, they know all that, they know all about you, and this penetrates the inner recesses of your freedom.

The Facebook interface is becoming more and more of a commerce platform: a well-illuminated commercial enterprise.

It is a loquacious e-commerce platform.

Purchasing on line from Facebook is a stupid manoeuvre for accumulating merchandise.

Communication requires enigmatic tactfulness which the forces of Facebook ultimately cannot accommodate.

They replace communication with commercial obligations, which a is wholly unsatisfactory theme for a social network to be clamped down with.

It is becoming renowned as a commmodity and trading network; hysterical Swashbuckling adventures are not to be found on there.

Be cautionary of Facebook; its social factor is over-estimated.

The commercial impact of Facebook transcends its humanitarian impact.

Commercialism is the axis, the pivot of modern society, so all we have done is bent or blurred this axis.

Facebook symbols on businesses and websites, they're conveyed everywhere around the world, you can't get away from them, they are difficult to ignore. That's what puts you off it, it turns you away from it.

To restore the former prestige and beauty of days gone by, you have to avoid the crude revelations made on social media.

Facebook is a colossal interactive and immersive zone for yuppies.

Make a bolt for freedom and delete your Facebook page, because people from everywhere's on there. The hustle and bustle is something you could possibly have an accompanying reaction to.

We aim to administer increasingly ways and measures to reduce the impact and dominance the tech giants such as Facebook and Google are having on the world.

Facebook is a super ridiculous absolute farce distilled as a debacle and ready to tumble.

Facebook is a translucent tour of the social world. It is destined to become outdated in the near future. There will be more substantially efficient alternatives.

Spook Trade

The pragmatic essence of Oytcho Visha, which serves all our functional requirements, is to infatuate and enrapture artists and musicians whose works have an explosive radiance to them.

We do not damn artists and musicians whose works galvanize anarchical ambience.

In the world of arts, anarchy is not a digraceful phenomenon.

This provides a great opportunity for artists and musicians to become nursed and sheltered from external influences.

Feel comfortable in your own environment type of thing.

Oytcho Visha is an admirable force which provides preliminary premium care for artists and musicians of our age.

Wonderful Razzle dazzle accompanying these artists will strike a chord in our news realm built to impress by our own concession.

Rather than being a news channel, our doctrines create news as a causality.

The enterprise is designed with the gothic underground in mind.

Profound melancholy is accessible only by the oppressed.

Those with continually sustained dissapointment are our comrades.

We live in very very strange and dark and fascist times, so rather than seeming like a fallacy, our schemes merely just mirror what is happening in the world. We are in the spook trade.

In these modern times reality has become a testament to an amounting fascism. 

Ultra alt right political forces gives us common ground and furnishes unity and intrigue among us, as well as sprucing ourselves up a bit in preparation for war.

Oytcho Visha is an underworld in a manifold of ways. We don't believe in commonplace popular left-wing standard entities such as Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, Google, Wiki, Amazon, Instagram, Spotify, Sky television, etc.

These companies are becoming too big and out-of-control. In this way, our enterprise is a memorable assault on modern culture.

This rebellion counteracts the melancholy of our age.

Every company that grows and grows usually goes under at some point, and inevitably falls to pieces and dissapears.

Google has created a grotesque victory over the world swiftly and drastically.

Most of what google leads you to is irrelevant information or indirect guidance. It leads you to mostly useless things which are not needed.

We are in the process of creating a new mechanism for navigating the web. A mechanism known as the:


Evouxolloctar is being created as a versalite elite tool to navigate the territories of the internet.

Doomsday Playground

We console ourselves with inherently dark themes and schemes; schemes which some people might find dismaying. The pure nihilism may disturb some people. Discretion is advised. Derangement is optional.

Pressing rapidly towards the void guarantees lavishness.

Those with a reluctance to dispatch with realism will not be prepared enough to join our cult.

Everybody tells me so that being part of a doomsday playground is a soothing thought. This is because there's no time for school. You can bear witness to something mad instead.

Copious fun is not had through school lessons nor committees.

Kids don't evolve through bureaus.

The moroseness of going to school each day to capture and execute knowledge is avoided.

A considerable reduction or severely limited education is not an injustice.

We learn our lessons well through anonymous memorandums. Just memoirs will occupy us.

Say goodbye to your boss and teacher and join a cult realm instead.

There are innumerable forms of education in this world, but we prefer to be ambassadors of dumbness throughout most nights.

We conduct ourselves in a such a way that everything influenced by reality is a mere operational illusion prone to gore of anti-Sovietism.

We go from one extreme to another; we deliver real news, as well as being obliged to create a succession of comical fantasy.

Life is an eternal dream to love so.

In the larger view of things, these pursuits combine the arts and the sciences in a transcendental manner. Science and reality then become a redundant masquerade.

This sets the stage for a triumphant clown safari purged of tourism.

Maximum darkness means a total indifference to daylight. The elegance of glamour and romance can take place with rejoice.

Darkness everlasting is the journey to elegant simplicity, so discovered.

Keep in mind the night time satisfaction day time brings which is stored in your nerves from your previous night's sleep.

Oytcho Visha is a key establishment which generally illuminates dark sentiments and the environments around them.

Our life and ideas are in a totally different place than conventional people. We ransack any consanguinity with normal people.

We have a predilection for being social outcasts.

Decency is superflous.

For revolutionary purposes, we have a pathological aversion to normal social values.

Working relationships with normal people are a stigma for us.

Oytcho Visha is a novel departure form any social reality specified as a simple exchange of views and topics. Moodiness suffices.

We don't elect to have conversations with other people, which is a marvellous idea to be taken advantage of when you don't want to negotiate social policies with your peers.

The brigade of communication is an immense tool, but it comes with some repentance.

For better or worse, we hope to inspire and imbibe modern musicians and writers, so that their works can be enriched comfortably with good old-fashioned proper extravagance, and provide them with the artillary to do so.

Dancing in the Snow

Our ongoing focus is to support artists and musicians whom believe the world will not be a receptor site for so-called 'global warming' in the future.

We detest the implications of global warming theory.

There is actually some genuine honest science behind all of this. Many rogue geophysicists have debunked global warming theory, saying that is a mistake to make such claims.

In the future we will suffer from an inundation of masochistic chill.

The weather is up and down like a teenager; it is unpredictable and changeable.

You don't know whether it's going to be hot cold rain or fine.

The indelible tryanny of a teenager helps you avoid global warming without trouble.

They will manage to do so wihout serious problem.

Our principle forecast is that in the near future the world will be well and truly freezing.

This is because industrial production is beginning to revolve around automation. Hard Work will be diluted or bypassed.

Labour intensive chores are being replaced with automation, which helps people deviate from becoming warm.

This is a convenient response to the unimaginable workloads people have to endure.

This is a revolutionary way of taking away the pressure from modern civilians, so that the body absorbs harmony rather than harshness.

Everything will become automated on our planet, assumably creating coolness in doing so in all respects.

Coolness you cannot live without furthermore creates an addiction to coolness.

There is a lot of mechanisation in our world, and subsequently there is less heat and stress.

The unceremonious hard work of industry will inevitably fade away.

Gorge on industrialisaton.

Don't disregard the machinery that industrialism has to offer, because it creates intriguing coolness synonymous with the ice age.

Just be ready, warmth will surrender addditional terrritory to coolness, otherwise you will find difficulty finding suitable accomadation.

Global warming denial is not silly; it makes sense; being warm has too many complications.

We don't see the point of those purporting theories which could ruin the lives of many.

In the future cold surges will dominate weather patterns. This emphatic denial of global warming will create unity and happiness among mankind.

Global warming is an atrocious conspiracy which needs to be swiftly revoked.

Clear blue sky has no structure; it is like a whopping glass door without a hinge. Close the door to the horizon.

Hard solidified freeze will accumulate in most countries of the world in the future.

In the future not too warm weather will have a domino effect all around the world.

Cool things like this just spiral from here inescapably.

Beautiful days are acutely chilly.

We aim to re-establish world culture into a state of incandescent coolness.

In the future, unfavourably hot weather will indeed be frankly adjourned.

We have zero influence or access to warmth and are making arrangements for the next ice age.

Tuck yourself up as freezing cold weather becomes a prominent affair.

Environmentalists keep themselves busy by giving the issue of global warming traction, simply because they make an income from it.

We will outmanoeuvre those that believe in global warming.

Chill gives us as much euphoria as a enigmatic one night stand.

People don't generate their own energy on a one night stand; there partner does it for them.

The earth is no hotter now than when it was back in the 1970's. The earth does not get warmer because the sun's heat doesn't change.

These are fundamental resolutions to make the world a better place.

It is absolutely and totally unacceptable to make dire, overboard predictions about the earth's future.

Lots of happiness, faith, truth and wisdom is an important element in establishing our ice empire.

We deliver huge quantities of cool which can never be infiltrated or undermined.

In the future chill will have a huge roll on effect right down.

Our principle is that to do justice to life you have to stay cool.

To be faithful to your surroundings you need to stay cool, this is taken for granted.

Establishing of Dynamics

Overall, we aim to supply the concepts and materials in order to make a strikingly dark transformation of regular news mediums.

This aggressive paradigm shift is paradoxically designed to alleviate the broad spectrum of mayhem and violence in our world.

Even though our agenda is muddled, ambiguous and disconnected from reality, it is still politically intact and unproblematic.

Our agenda means business, and has its own dynamics inasmuch as can therefore give us momentum.

The enterprise is a bizarre deviation from regular news. It is created for those who would rather disappear into a fabulous abyss than watch conventional news or weather.

Oytcho Visha is being created as a progressively prominent news hub in the global arena which is exclusive and extravagant in a way which has no ceiling effect.

This is where a variation of artistic and musical endeavours converge in their immediacy.

If you are seeking an avant-garde gold rush, then look no further.

People ought to appreciate unsurpassed avant-garde artistry.

It is affirmative that we will supply festive arts and culture beyond conceivability on the whole.

This will create tempestuous news stories which cannot be scorned.

The entity of Oytcho Visha is a thorough enigma; as a public worldwide conglomerate, the enterprise is the progenitor of more greater phenomenon; it is part of a labyrinth of schemes and enterprises, most of which are adorned in secrecy at this point.

One division of our enterprise will soon be operable: the internet entity: Double O Zero Triple Three Zero.


oo03330 is the direct progenitor of Oytcho Visha. It is an adjoining movement.

Details of this entity are at the bottom of this website.

Rip-Roaring Subculture

The cold war of Oytcho Visha is a war built with romanticism. It is an appealing and plausible solace.

We create an abundant, exuberant online jumble of drama which is quintessentially cool, absolutely.

We promote a sentimental innocence and romance which provides a melancholic portrait of modern life.

But overall, our activities breach many of the common values of modern, contemporary culture.

This is because we believe that the New World Order needs urgent yet delicate changes in the way it functions.

Oytcho Visha serves as a rip-roaring subculture, and subsequently boom bang an abrupt cult arrangement is certainly encouraged and formed.

A cult realm of diversity and heterogeneity is generated which is no way envisaged as being immobilized in the near future.

Belonging to a cult enables you to acccomplish and preside over the ultimate pleasure of life.

Belonging to a splendid cult, getting meaning and satisfaction out of life is no problem.

Being part of a cult of an incomparable scale you will even be admirable even by being hypocritical.

We are all hypocrites; those that claim not to be hypocrites are the real hypocrites.

Makeshift oscillation

Those working for Oytcho Visha have a low participation rate in those recognized as regular jobs.

We create a carnival of schemes and themes to reduce distress and loosen the load of those that have emptiness inside and thereby suffer depressive spells.

We deliver a true solution to the world's cultural and structural problems.

The operations of Oytcho Visha are dispatched from the underground; but we also encompass various patterns of the mainstream, valuing an abundance of things such as liberty, drive, ambition and integrity.

Our themes and ideas are a great source of ambivalence.

We zig-zag between the underground and the main stream.

We see-saw between the objective and the subjective.

Unavoidable is this two-fold destiny. We rock back and forth between extremes, fluctuating bit by bit everywhere both sides.

We swivel back and forth between far-left and far-right wing political sentiments.

We shuffle between the collectivisation of the left wing and the ultra-nationalist politics of the right wing.

This swerving and swivelling is testament to a cult realm.

We bounce back and forth, slip and slide between the far right and far left with makeshift oscillation.

The left wing and right wing are both very different and both can create a slow release of annoyance.

Consequent proceedings criss-cross their way through reality and fantasy.

As a result, various elements of our ideology are very cloudy.

Sometimes there is litle bit of a ricochet which goes from the left to the right and vice-versa.

But overall, we showcase a fusion of both the far-right and the far-left.

The right and left side of politics complement one another.

But most of all we engage in ultra- nationalist / right-wing exploits.

Yet at Oytcho-Visha, enveloping contrasts overshadow dualisms.

This all leads to a predetermined totalitarian portrait of themes and schemes borne of madness.

In the underground there is to be found a more superior thrill than the unpleasant mainstream.

Our news is a projection of political ideologies which are conducive to the unravelling of right-wing forces and left wing spiritual realities.

Left-wing organizations tend to be based on more laissez-faire ideologies which are far less consecrated, and more languorous and distressing than right-wing enterprises.

But the left wing is the inseparable flip side of the right wing; it is a game of two halves. You can't have one without the other.

It is only harlequins that belong to neither the left nor right wing.

Our endeavour is to create a grandiose system of principles and ideals which bridges the fashionable gap between the right and the left.

It is the left wing regimes which have a charming supplementary value to immediately offset far-right tendencies.

The left wing is often comprised of sociopaths and psychopaths which need to be located and removed from society.

They deserve daily routines which are more productive and satisfying.

We embrace politics as a vague and arbitrary process. There is no distinctive associable pattern of being either right wing or left wing.

Left and right wing politics are clotted together in a complex equilibrium. This equilibrium provides maximum comfort and balance.

But to merge the terrain of the old world and the new world into one equivalent mass can be dangerous.

Our politics has a duel aspect: we embrace right wing nationalism adamantly, but sometimes a left wing aspect filters through to the various tubules and glands and organs of the body.

But rather than classical ways of thinking, left wing initiatives can cause social disfigurement and cultural abnormalities without counterpart.

The new world order is vacant of synergy, so all we are doing is reflecting this absence of synergy.

Triumphant Touch

Oytcho Visha is irregular in that most of our news content is a potent source of exaggeration. A good measure of our schemes are difficult to administrate.

We create a public demonstation of schemes which are considerably exaggerated with remarkable urgency.

An uproar of hyperbole is habitually employed.

In news and media, affectionate modesty gives you no defence.

We acquire the conditions consequentially to allow our enthusiasts to be as comfortable and dynamic as possible in their daily life.

Our main virtue is to carry out a terrifically mammoth ridicule of the modern world. The virtuousness of this gallant satire is very sound.

The world needs everything doing to it. There are sufficient grounds to assume our planet is destined to become a fascist fountain; Political history always repeats itself.

Most of the world's countries have a blunt, fascist social economic system.

The evidence is right there that the world is becoming fascist:

In Auckland, New Zealand, 800 eateries have banned outdoor smoking.

Workmen are forced to wear hi-vis attire that makes them look like prisoners; they are fluorescent prisoners of a fascist world.

Also, cigarettes are often taxed at three times the rate that they cost the health system; and politicians in many countries are attempting to introduce plain packaged cigarettes.

Every company selling a good has the right to furnish their product with art and craft.

The excessive tax on smokes needs to be scrapped immediately because it is fuelling a harsh and dangerous black market. Diaries and other outlets have become sitting ducks for aggravated robbery.

We witness oppression in all aspects of modern life.

Really, Jesus, the world is too politically correct.

This is fast becoming a subsistent crisis which suffices as a farce needing abolution.

Fascist alert: New Zealand government is currently working on a law to make it illegal to smoke in front of children. This will be a successive addition to the context of the fascist system we already live by.

It doesn't take rocket science to know that there is something very wrong with our world. It's might is not as colourful and romantic as it used to be.

The modern world is oppressive; brand new ideas are not permitted; they are deemed for an excretory fate.

Our aim is to compensate our dour times with something completely groovy; and then go surfing U.S.A.

Through our dimensions, platforms, vectors (guidelines), coordinates and matrixes, we can create a triumphant touch which will allow us to gradually extend our empire.

Seize the power of eccentricity, and then animate it as a tradition.

When operating under a cult system, nobody has to pay any particular attention to personal effort and involvement. They can cruise through life like it is a ride on a Ferris wheel.

A cult is a force which guides people. Members of the cult do not need to seek approval or justification from others in what they do.

This is because there is a gritty communal chemistry stored and distributed among members of the cult: a communal chemistry which is not dermatologically tested.

Assured, the parameters and conventions of our enterprise have a technical astuteness which has no energy rating.

Our principle specialist area is in the politics, history and the arts of European countries. But this specialist area is vague and foggy. This platform also holds for other countries in the world.

The overall dimensions of Oytcho Visha reach into many areas of history and culture. We also plan to develop our own record label: Oytcho Visha Records.

This record company provides the opportunity for people to share in sonic revelations before the curtain falls.

The record department of Oytcho Visha is peripheral to the main aspects of the enterprise.

A lot of old fashioned things such as records have come back into fashion. The wheel has turned the full circle damn near.

We deviate from linear patterns of existence. Rather than look into the future we recycle the days of yesterday.

Surrender to the powers of need; we need our history, we can't just be aloofly interested in it, it needs to be affirmatively embraced.

Likewise, in regards to architecture, we don't like anything new, and resist it. New buildings are not as good as old ones.

Granite and brick buildings generally have more beauty and pride than glass ones. They often have large arches, and beautiful windows.

Modern buildings in general are becoming sleek, modern, and progressive: this is a predicament where creativity and vision cannot be made tangible.

But glass structures clustered together among heritage buildings has a transcendental effect of extravagance.

A lot of people are on anti-depressants because building developers couldn't care less about preserving history.

We don't put ourselves in any position where we could be tempted to enter a modern glass building, because we will rue the day when we do it.

Buildings filled up with glass walls are not immensely intriguing.

Much of the best music in the world was created when glass buildings were rarities.

But you can't wave the magic wand or use a magic potion. It requires motivation, determination and enthusiasm as well as vision, loyalty and sacrifice, to build great cities.

Listening to music should be as desirable as it used to be. Many modern pop musicians sound self-possessed when they sing. Pop hits have taken a nose dive.

The repercussions of this for society are huge, this cannot be dismissed.

Oytcho Visha creates the scenario where what rolls out of the imagination remains unspoiled by modern trends.

These initiatives allow for the evaporative cooling of drama and theatrics to condense on everything.

A profusion of factors is disrupting the overall continuity and solid foundations of many European countries. We endeavour to figure out the underlying causes of this.

We aim to provide uninterrupted adequate support and maximum comfort for avant-garde artists of our era.

These artistic movements will give vitality and diversity to our news realm, as well as allow us to recapture and recirculate the avant-garde exhilaration of the 20th century.

We believe in the continuity and progression of European culture and heritage, which at this point in time requires massive reconstruction.

A cult will lay out processes, operations and principles which illustrate the advantages and disadvantages of a particular way of life.

Those that appreciate the advantages of this will most often form a bond, a connectivity with each other.

Those that fail to adjust, and struggle to see any advantage, rejoice in being dissidents.

When the day is done, cults nurture personalities, so long as you take up the opportunity to join the cult and become devoted to it.

Most people don't realize or recognize what a cult can do if it is given constant use.

We wish our patrons to be under victorious circumstances from this direct uprising.

The Crystallization of Autonomy.

Every cult has certain provisos, constraints, limitations, in place. There is an assemblage of codes and practices which are usually employed with clinical lore.

The dematerialization of reason and reality demonstrates the need for an habitual dependency on a cult force.

All drama stems from the scintillating cumulative search for power and domination.

The world would be an empty stage if nobody wanted to rule it.

If nobody wanted to rule the world we would be presiding over a vacant culture lacking joint resistance.

Our aims are high: we scale the attempt to create consummate world wide domination thematically and formally.

We are compelled to acquire the power to rule the world in flexible way.

World domination can never be seen as an incredulous source of stupidity. We've go the credentials to rule the world, that's all that matters.

Our endeavour constitutes the desire to rule the world and all of its features.

Take over the world before it takes over you unsympathetically.

We will converge eventually with forthcoming measures considered necessary for ruling the world.

We are lunatics trying to take over the world and make a sweet-as exit from reality.

Intermittently perhaps as necessary we will strive to create changes in governments.

We don't have modest aspirations as far as logistic and diplomatic processes go.

Unquestionable global domination will be our finest achievement.

Through our political movement it will be rendered highly probable that we will triumph.

We signal a formidable message to the world: we will one day rule it, once protocols are formulated and enforced.

This impending curious plot to rule the world some people will loathe and want to dispose of, finding fault with everything, and in addition to denigrating everything.

But our portrait of the world will bring the highest good, this is undoubtable.

In the future, the policies of most conservative governments will be rendered inert or corrupt. Aloof cults and empires will rule the world.

An autonomous existence means having limited adherence to conventional politics and culture. Nothing is weighed down by administrative generalities.

Kaleidoscopic Ambitions

Multiple types of segregation from conventional institutions is the zone we operate from.

The launching of brainstorming is an important activity in the entrepreneurial world; it is a critical activity to be endorsed because it enables you to avoid lengthy, long drawn out, high maintenance, convoluted and costly processes involving consultants and advisors.

For the bigger majority of people working in our crew, working in film and television will not be their dedicated founding passion. They will have commandeered an enigma in some other career or profession.

A television enterprise represents a score of different professions and trades, which are all coordinated and scheduled together as one. This is how a cult is rendered.

Oytcho Visha is an eclectic framework of interwoven schemes and ideas. We embrace anything from geopolitics to modern medicine, followed by an infusion of mythology.

Our priority is to create a kaleidoscopic arena of themes and schemes.

Rather than being symptomatic of reality, the bulk of our news is a reservoir of fantasy which lacks scientifically-charged truth.

Take the truth out of your eyes.

We don't believe in pure reason; we supply robust and vibrant and diabolic schemes where reality ceases.

We are united in the belief that in principle, true instincts are a wrong-doing, unless they involve sex.

Lush fantasy is our occupational achievement, there are no restrictions on it.

Our aim is to inject prominent political issues of our day and age with an elongation of fantasy.

The enterprise is designed for those that have become dissociated from the precipitates of mass culture in the most maximum possible way.

Conventional news incorporates and transmits an administration of mass culture.

The objective of the byzantine Oytcho Visha empire is to design and assemble a bulwark, a barricade against the voluminous influence of mass culture.

The enterprise also embraces reconstructive politics. In this way, Oytcho Visha is a harbinger which suppresses future possible economic stagnancy and depression.

In some cases there is no obvious cause for this abnormal stagnancy and lack of stimulation. But regular news realms are likely to blame.

The presenters of regular news are often kind of robotic, they are automatons; there is no celestial pride or passion. Power and charisma hasn't evolved from their personalities. Their countenance and attitudes need to be rehabilitated, otherwise their careers will be eliminated.

Modern news presenters have the minutest amount of charisma and are possibly encouraged by the masses to perform their tasks.

Most modern film and television enterprises are crawling with a maelstrom of activity. But the roles and appearances people portray do not arouse much curiosity.

The crew are under substantial, tremendous pressure because their surrounds have no peculiarity to them. This makes good entertainment improbable. The Gulag provided circumstances where entertainment was slightly easier to obtain.

Many modern films and television programs have an artificiality to them which makes the corpuscles of your body peevish.

The Channeling of Artistic and Musical Endeavours

Our news manifests in part as the science of the human body and how it works. We usurp (encroach upon) several medical themes: themes which people might find either beneficial or pathological upon observation.

Contrary to modern science, we take a blurred, vague approach to the anatomical and physiological features of the human body.

An invasion of rampant, demented excitement is how the human body works.

Having spastic episodes is our frequent obligation.

Just to break a bit of boredom, do something with your life other than heed the physiological mechanics of body functions dictating your actions.

Consummate solace is also essential for the body's precious jewels to work properly.

We seek merit because the platform of traditional ethics is not our forte. Traditional ethics gives us hot flushes.

Our enterprise is a totalitarian, medical and religious organization which is substantially vague in a manifold of ways.

This gives the enterprise thermal resilience and heat resistant capacities.

Oytcho Visha is a revolutionary cult realm, and we provide the windows into numerous occultist outlets contained within the neural tissue.

Making several approaches to remove reality from everyday life can create a cushioning effect against the ulcerative trends of modern culture.

We will provide next generation solutions to the world's problems. This will enhance whole body wellbeing from the cerebral cortex to the toes.

Oytcho Visha is also being created as a vehement political force to counteract the treacherous scenarios of today's world which attach to our bodies like membranes.

The foundations and logistics of the enterprise are difficult to interpret; they are difficult to pursue because of the chimerical surge and profusion of fantasy themes being emitted.

Chimera are beings that run free because they do not know their proper place within reality.

Our lengthy, sophisticated protocols make Oytcho Visha uppermost an empire more than a news realm.

Sufficient habitual declaration of weirdness creates empires.

As a news cult we believe in a future without boundaries; a future laden with razzamatazz; a future where we can witness true prosperity as an enigma.

The chief aim of the enterprise is to create trusted fantasy and science-fiction themes which can be appreciated by those usually skeptical of the genre.

Goodness me, we don't even know the connection between science fiction and reality.

In modern media there are that many things around that you wouldn't even know what's real or not.

In all television shows, including news and documentaries, the makers of the programs only show you what they want to show you. So in a way, their shows are also a kind of make-believe.

Programs and films which many people brush aside as fantasy and make-believe are often more real than reality television.

How wonderful life is, when you realize that everything you see on news television - the equipment, the materials, the facilities, are all exotic make-believe from the underground.

Television can become an imperishable exotic underground independent of conventional laws and circumstances administrable by law.

Transcendental Nebulae

Transcendental Nebulae signifies an enchanting agenda which goes far beyond the auspices of film and television magnates.

Film and television create a framework which many people revolve their lives around.

Most people begin their evening's television by viewing faithfully each day the evening news. News sets the tone for the entire evening.

Not everybody in a single household values the same things broadcast on television. Some people like glittery musicals, others get their wear out of science fiction, and for some people, reality television symbolizes their existence with rejoice.

Large screen televisions have more of an impact on lower income households, which tend to be smaller. The living areas are less insulated. This increases the frequency and probability of somebody within the household actually getting annoyed by television.

People living in abodes which are more lavish are essentially unaffected. The rooms are bigger, and there will often be two main living areas within the residence.

For those residing in more cramped homes, large screen television can extensively infringe on the tranquility and splendour of one's private home environment.

This is very scary, and there is invariably no guaranteed solution at all. It is like a nightmare that keeps reoccuring. It is an horrific ordeal.

Everybody needs a sound way of unwinding, and television is the main portal for this to occur.

Delicately detailed advertisement-free television, where adverts decrease and gradually vanish, is also a way of uniting people.

Sky TV was originally meant to be an advertisement-free entity. But there are adds thrown into the Sky network just like regular TV channels.

Adverts are the centrepiece of Sky television. It is contaminated maliciously by adverts and self-promos. This engenders and signifies a farce.

Everybody deserves a nice evening; whatever work, trade or cohort you belong to, advertisement-free television works wonders.

It's really bad, it's really unfortunate that people focus on reality television: it is bad for their welfare and opposes their well-being in a unrelenting manner.

Feeble untruths have already been seen in modern reality media.

Well-Executed Totalitarianism

We have our own genuinely crazy ridiculous brand of politics, which many people may think distributes shades of fascism.

But this is all being done to create a tenacious revolutionary effect.

Fascism is merely an irrational creed which is forced upon people.

Sometimes it just works out that way, fascism comes to grip you even though you are unaware of it.

This is why we bring out these fascist schemes, to let people know that fascism is worse today than it was in yesteryear.

In the modern world there is always a degree of fascism nearby, and all we are doing is reflecting this condition.

But don't misjudge us, we don't make any concession for fascist sentiments.

We endeavour to heed the fatalistic accomplishment of an artistic revolution.

To produce artistic energy is our most charming asset; art drives our passion.

Freedom left untreated causes higher rates of mental harm than fascism.

The way the world is today anybody could fit in anywhere.

Freedom lovers believe they can do whatever they want, but this doesn't give them immense power.

Freedom creates unruly public sentiment difficult to back off from.

Relinquishing freedom-loving activity paradoxically creates freedom.

Find your freedom in fascism.

The baffling pretence of freedom causes plagues and anthrax, etc.

To be faithful and disciplined you need to dismiss outstanding and popular trends.

Freedom seekers do anything they want and whenever, whoever they are, on any given day, without delay, everywhere they go.

Only ponces believe in freedom. In reality, unsolved oppression is always by our side.

Those that believe in freedom are only conjecturing.

Fascism is a well-executed form of totalitarianism customarily designed and built to preserve heritage.

Yet we are artists who have not been born free, not military governers.

Everybody needs to have faith and belief in things, and only an imperishable cult can do this.

We aim to gear up and accomplish our own large and unified audacious brand of politics in a sumptuous manner.

To do this, the clique need to do as they are told and put in their rightful place.

Those doubtful these matters can be mastered, that the enterprise will never yield any enigma, will all be punished and persecuted, or otherwise extremely penalized.

As a cult realm, we provide group solutions to address the world's problems in a revered manner, all founded upon religiosity through to modern medicine.

We will showcase an approach to news and media which dissolves the heavy clumping effect of current modern trends.

Grand Waffle

Oytcho Visha and its subsidiary enterprises all have one common thread: there are numerous lunatical ravings apparent.

Oytcho-Visha consists of a ceremony of non-tangible, not nonsensical rants .

Our operations have no trancendetal logic to them whatsoever. Different procedures are rendered as necessary to divorce from this logic.

We supply, install and undertake grand waffle: renegade phrase-mongering applied liberally.

Oytcho Visha is being devised as an irregular news program in that most of it will consist of tactical gibberish.

Gibberish enters the platelets of the blood, and shakes, rattles and rolls.

Gibberish which is not permissible as having any objective value yields good feelings.

Oytcho Visha is also speckled with poetry and song as if it had been endorsed and cultivated in Siberia.

Overall, Oytcho Visha creates a myriad of schemes and ideas which will befuddle humanity and civilization.

In the modern world, nothing makes sense, so all we are doing is reflecting this predicament.

Creating sensible and sustainable schemes is not our paramount concern.

We create, supply and embrace idiotic objectives unappeasably as we struggle against reality.

Muffling reality with occultism in the most profound way is not a terrible thing.

The urge to create a surreal way of life brings wonderful exaltation which defies the impartiality of people creating academic standards.

This foreshadows a world which is an explicit contrast to the regular world and its incumbent standards and conventions.

Impaired expressions add several more years to your life. Riddles bring welcomed longevity.

It's good for you, longevity is.

Mumbo jumbo is merely a form of reason based on illogical assumptions.

But what is taken for reality is controversial. Truth and reason both have a standard rate of ambivalence.

The abundant utterance of mumbo jumbo represents a refutation of social and moral norms and interests.

Mumbo jumbo can be a common mode of communication through which people assert themselves.

Riddles are therapeutic speeches which have no political or social meaning.

Those driven by pathos and other substrates of insanity provide the necessary conditions for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Insanity is the life and soul of inventiveness.

Full or partial befuddlement is inherently rewarding and enjoyable because it is not a mediocre way of life.

Not being sensible on a regular basis or not seeking a happy medium is a good start in the right direction if you want to change the World Order.

Simple yet clever principles and ideas unify people, not intelligent thinking nor an administering of awareness practices.

Ideas, concepts and notions are all mere illusions of the mind.

Let your awareness processes get into a decrepit state whenever you can.

Those persons whom restrict themselves to wise purposes are usually dumb and never gain any general bearings of what life is all about.

Through this shortfall of reason and rationality, we knock reality down because in most cases it is merely just speculative, or on the other hand, it ushers in a relatively uncompromising destiny.

Vacating the Modern Era (with vengance)

Rather than engaging solely in contemporary phenomenon, we embrace the imagination and ingenuity of the old world period of European history.

To vacate the modern era with vengance is comparable with producing a cultist gothic realm as the desired result.

Belonging to an occultist regime is a dynamic and comprehensive means of survival.

Members of a cult kick about together, and learn from one another holistically.

We greet each other with continuously cool gestures victoriously.

Enlist in empires with a dramatic dismissal of warmth.

In the future the angels will leave the fridge of the universe open, making the world a lot cooler.

This is current news of interest, that heat will traffic itself out of our world and be dismissed of.

We defend what we believe in by creating an ultimate chill zone.

Through this cult realm we aim to retrieve Europe's history in an extensively arousing and thrilling manner.

Europe has a complex past something shocking. The logical thing to do under the circumstances is plan and create a satisfying cult realm:

This is a marvellous cult legacy which conjures up enormous profundity.

Members of our cult belong as members in all European countries, as well as other areas of the world.

No matter what culture or ethnic group you're from, we cherish obscure fantasy more than the harsh state of reality.

Aesthetic Fundamentals

We confirm and declare that the great bulk of conventional news is now inert for consumers.

We offer a succinct diversion from mainstream news programs.

Our aesthetic fundamentals are the counterpart to regular news, which usually accommodates or is tainted by monotony.

People that watch regular news avidly are slaves to a corporatist realm.

We are an independent media enterprise, and are not affiliated with any other media corporation.

Many of our themes and ideas are morosely schizoid, which is why no other media corporation would want to have any connection with us whatsoever.

Not being simultaneously propped against any other media company makes us an independent enterprise.

We specialize in creating occultist modifications of truth and reason, in order to counteract the increasingly repressive trends of our day and age frequently associated with the public demonstration of mass culture.

Oytcho Visha is a coherent art world fashioned more by compulsive aesthetics than by truth or reason. The signature of truth and reason is that they are never aesthetically pleasing.

Through occultism, people spontaneously experience consciousness in the same manner as each other. You never feel alone or degraded or discriminated against as a foreigner.

Vanguard mechanisms to counteract dwindling optimism and discontent prevail in the structure of the organization.

Our specialist area is Anglo-European politics and culture, which is depicted as being Eurocentric thereof.

Our schema mainly only has applicability in Anglo-European and Slavonic (Eastern Europe, Russia, Czech) dialects and cultures.

We are not readily appreciative of other cultures, simply because they appear alien to us.

This is a pretty reasonable prospect whatever your personal observation.

It is entirely plausible that Anglo and Slavonic languages will provide all of the world's linguistic needs.

Non-Europeon languages are running out of juice.

We rebuke the value of multi-culturalism, which has provided familiar surroundings in many modern cities, and modified life and culture in an explicit and figurative manner.

The system as a specialist area we rebuke.

Oh my God, multi-culturalism is cultureless. It negates unity.

The lack of unification in multi-cultural societies is disgusting.

We stick with people of our own ilk, that's fair enough.

Without exception, we rarely deviate from strong eastern European sympathies rather than engaging in deliberately staged multi-culturalism.

God struth, multi-cultural societies are intimidating in an absurd manner.

Multi-cultural societies are etched in makeshift diversity.

There aint no doubt, multi-cultural societies do not work. They are nonsensical because desirable unification is impossible.

In such societies, voluminous emptiness and alienation is present, Jesus George.

The rejection and hurt of alienation takes away your reason for living.

Multi-cultural societies are nonsensical because they are lacking in cohesiveness and efficiency. They often lack pride, history and unity.

In multi-cultural societies, language, culture and identity relapses. Lifestyle balance slips backwards. National identity becomes divided. The communal feeling of comradeship is forgotten.

The expansion of many different cultures and ethnic dialects in modern society is disconcerting.

Only people that are stupid and dumb are servants to a multi-cultural world.

Multi-culturalism is seriously detrimental to national well-being. This calls for a severe interrogation, whether directly or secretly.

In many cases you can't go over to your neighbours to seek companionship and solace, because the people next door speak another koine (dialect), or are from a totally different background or culture, and this can launch an allergic reaction.

Multi-cultural societies assuredly demonstrate serious weaknesses because they are devoid of any absolutist totality.

Multi-culturalism needs to be curbed or abandoned because nobody shares any decipherable spiritual understanding with each other.

In multi-cultural societies, nobody is understanding and supportive of one another. This predisposes you to having a pulmonary embolism.

Societies orientated around multi-culturalism often have warm charm, but speaking in a different lingo sphere reduces this charm.

Assuredly, many people cannot casually cope when people converge on their neighborhood jabbering a different lingo. The woven fabric of society becomes a sound stage for alienating and distressful phenomena.

Serious weaknesses begin to develop in such a society, as bi-lingual zombies converge to give us a spectrum of stomach ulcers.

In multi-cultural cities, language barriers and other issues permeate society.

Those living in multi-cultural societies are more likely to primarily suffer profound lengthy distress rather than equanimity.

Overall, Oytcho Visha is designed for demented people, or otherwise those who have some sort of psychosis stored in the brain. And these people could come from any different ethnic background.

With persistent efforts, ordinances can be created so that these disjunctive political and historical processes can be coordinated and controlled.

Thereby there is a chance of living on the same channel or wavelength, and engaging in simple reciprocity accordingly.

Albeit, delicately separating out those that will help furnish your empire with esteem from those that have a derogatory influence is essential.

Those that contribute to the circumstances and atmosphere of the cult enterprise in a positive way will be rewarded with an admirable, attractive and serene family, career and personal life.

Rhetoric For All Body Types

Instead of investigative journalism, rhetoric and persuasion are used as the principle method to convey our news topics.

Oytcho Visha is observable as a staunch propaganda campaign which will generally be offensive for the poorly prepared.

Lengthy provisions of rhetoric are essential for a healthy home:

Rhetoric for all body types which will create a sense of euphoria like never before within the blood stream.

Dictatorial power makes us exempt from reality in the long term with sufficient authority.

If you can make a living out of propaganda and rhetoric, you will make a gorgeous career out of film and television.

Without embracing elaborate rhetoric you become just another unaspiring civilian embracing mediocrity.

Being pummeled by a blinding deluge of rhetoric creates a distinctive and graceful lifestyle.

We aim to present a series of rhetorical speeches designed to make life easier.

We present a resolute array of schemes which don't consist of commonplace ideas and protocols

Popular logic we keep a distance from.

We often wonder where reality is actually located, but it is something to get out of our speech and minds and lifelong roles and activities.

When the formations of reason and enlightenment are rendered inoperable, rationality itself is nothing essential to participate in.

To gain the optimization of interest from our fans we employ a carousel of ludicrous themes supplied to the brain and the vast network of nerve cells.

Rather than providing a stock of knowledge, we employ substantially ramshackle ideologies:

Ideologies not supported by specifically constructed systems.

Truth and realism very rarely enter the equation; and when they do, they are dressed up so much that it is improbable they will be detected.

Even news which does have the meaning and context of realism is given the utmost allowance for a discrete smattering of fantasy.

Our news is an assignment which seeks to ensure news can be entertaining and not just informative and hegemonic.

Rather than doing things with scientific discretion, we create euphoria in our struggle for world power.

The estimation of likelihood that rhetoric will draw opponents rather than supporters is seriously and technically quite highly possible. Eternal love does not exist here.

Underlying our existence, our crusade is a dark one. Our formulas are all black in the making.

The crusade to try and start up the enterprise has been met with an arsenal of derision.

Imperial Cosmological Instrument

Oytcho-Visha is productively Eurocentric in that it is calibrated with the geographical and historical contexts of western, European countries.

Yet the enterprise is being created as an institution which is an imperial cosmological instrument.

What happens in the chest, neck, abdomen or skin tone are of absolutely no significance. The cosmological anatomy of people is all that matters.

In the future, Oytcho-Visha will become a cult realm with an assemblage of rich and distinctive calibre and importance from the collar bone to the tips of the fingers.

This cult realm has a pioneering lavish synergy which precipitates good fortune within the shoulder joints.

This euphoria swells all the way down to the ankles.

Our news and media agenda is designed to benefit economies and communities throughout the whole world, and lessen deprivation and the prevalent deficiencies of every day life.

The Oytcho Visha enterprise is incredibly special in a solid and sustainable way. You don't even have to think of yourself or any part of your body, because we do it all for you, with style and elegance.

You don't have to say anything; the conversation takes hold of itself.

Television is a way of funnelling in drama and theatrics into the household in a way which you don't even have to think over.

Oytcho Visha is a cracker thing to be a part of because our schemes are coupled to much razzamatazz.

The enterprise is an unusual formation of a scheme, in that the boldness alongside the grandiosity will be met with much resistance.

The eccentricity of the schemes encroaches upon territory startling of origin, providing the impetus for schizoid schemes and processes in the brain.

But the human brain is merely a pizzicato string laid upon the glockenspiel and then given the full orchestral treatment.

The real dimensions of life we are led astray from.

Pandemoniums are things we love, because they create discrepancies within the new world order.

Our gradual raid on modern culture as it moves slowly forwards may yet end badly.

Wiggle the system just a fraction, then your cult will become full of members divided from the bulk of communes of mass culture.

At any rate we want to interfere with the changes being made in the modern world.

Rather than being futuristic and decadent, we allow evangelist themes to come into full swing towering really really high.

The enterprise has been designed in congruence with much obscurity. This has helped us avoid conflict and acrimony and other supplementary forms of anarchy.

Working in a surreptitious manner is an indispensable part of the formula for success.

The benefits of having both power and obscurity are nice if you are abnormal and out of touch with reality and not afraid to take on the world.

This beautiful gorgeous obscurity means that not being easily startled by the rush and mayhem of time is our befitting legacy.

This all provides obscurity galore: unconditional obscurity under any given condition, by any means possible.

In the future the enterprise will become an arduous and formidable political empire.

We will not pull the plug when it comes to crazy euphoria.

Razzle dazzle necessarily exists as a systemic part of our modus operandi.

What we've got here is a burgeoning phenomenon which is as idyllic and mirthful as a dream.

Cult forces embrace brave sophistication, passion and innovation, all of which is juxtaposed by solidarity.

The ultimate purpose is to create an empire which connects people from different and various sectors and cohorts with various interests and backgrounds. This frees the soul, although there may be a few complications if you are a sqaure.

The modern media era is confusing and disorientating in a miscellaneous ways. To get a handle on things, a daily or weekly news program can provide coherence and contribute towards an ultimate serene lifestyle.

In our ever-changing world, you get more out of life when you have something to look forward to each day.

And if the news program is strange, gothic, bizarre, it will embody festive, sublime aesthetics.

We ultimately want to create a media realm which is both epic as well as being versatile.

To avoid frustrations it is imperative to remain obscure at the same time as having an incentive to being iconic.

We support news schemes and designs which are lavish and exuberant as well as being adaptable and accessible throughout.

We are sustainable suppliers of world class elite power.

Regular news, rather than being an enchanting event or providing mutual appeasement, is more often a hindrance, and a contributing factor to moroseness.

We are developing a marvellously elementary enchanting approach to household news and media.

When the day is done we will create a sporadic global spectacle aesthetically and functionally.

Irregular news we are developing when the day is done.

The evolutionary variables encountered by each generation at a certain time and place are always thwarted by bizarre and perplexing phenomenon. This is guaranteed.

Life evolves, whether in a detestable or likeable manner.

Divine happiness is determined not by your frame of mind, but by religiosity: spiritual directives and other appropriate stimuli.

Our various endeavours don't include dialogue or consultation, just pure grandeur justified as producing unexpectably prominent scenarios.

With ridiculous schemes which arouse curiosity, absolutely you don't know what's around the corner or what the future holds.

Mainstream news makes bold predictions of the future, but it has striking inadequacies and sullen weaknesses.

Some of the inadequacies are anthropomorphic. There is a lack of charisma. Some of the defects and weaknesses are technical, others are cultural.

Oytcho Visha counteracts all of this by envisaging and creating measures for getting the most out of life. Because at the end of the day, you only live once.

After death, you have no need to go back to earth for a while.

Death is the terminal frontier; once crossed, we never return to Earth. At Oytcho Visha we flee from the carousel of reincarnation.

One life is enough. It doesn't have to be supplemented by an after life.

The glorious prestige of living once on earth prevails as adequate.

Donít leave it too late for your future to be incredible, otherwise you will be accused of failure.

Many modern news themes are transparent and unimaginative and don't facilitate a systemic dream lifestyle nor secrete a physically and visually state of euphoria into the central nervous system.

Rather than being discarded, dreams should be given toning and strengthening.

Colossal tranquility is created in phases. It is not devised overnight, nor during or after intercourse.

In modern times, theatre and the arts constitute little significance. The decades of the 1970's through to the 1990's were more fashionable in these areas.

Hysteria built up in these decades.

The spirit of the 70's, 80's and 90's, of course it's still there.

To break the cycle of poverty in theatre and the arts, a mass investment of energy and momentum is required.

Oytcho Visha has the idealism necessary to break this cycle of this poverty.

But many people will have the spirit to break Oytcho Visha itself. We have enemies, adversaries. The threat is real.

We are hardly likely to achieve commonplace admiration.

Most people will ditch our trusted mural of schemes rather than commemorating them as an obsession.

But whatever happens, we won't renege or procrastinate on anything which is particularly marked by surrealism.

Occultist Modes of Existence

Oytcho Visha has the framework of an empire for which its inhabitants are offered several projections of life and culture to pursue. There are few drawbacks.

Our themes and principles are not compatible with a lot of people; this is why they are deemed to be chronically and inexorably occultist.

Occultism equipped with absolute fundamental extravagant radical power brings a strong and lively immortality.

Our paramount protocol is to nurse irregular, baroque themes and schemes within the body's sponge-like fibrous tissue.

What is most remarkable from all of this is that we endeavour to rename planet Earth:

Our world will now be called: Oytcho Visha. This is a new geopolitical discovery being carried out.

This world is principally constitutive of agreeable luxury which echoes with evangelism.

This passionately sculpted evangelism is immensely perplexing.

The world so passionately is our galaxy.

Our galaxy contains a mosaic of planets and celestial bodies:

Saturn, Venus, Pluto, Mars, Uranus, Neptune, Mercury, Jupiter...and Oytcho Visha.

The normal architecture of Oytcho Visha definitely has awesome, hip greatness to rave about.

Perpetual planetary permutations cause perpetual disillusionment.

Renaming our planet will help rejuvenate, re-energize, and give a gusty revamp to degenerate and crippled economies.

This culminates in an operation to rid poverty from the world.

The world will increasingly become furnished with a wave of pregiven opportunism absent of hugely dishonourable inflammatory trends.

This is a superb eloquent testimony which takes the guesswork out of the functioning of the joints and internal organs.

When flawless, impeccable terrific might and glory is distributed all around the countries in the world, this gives you a relentless ideological advantage.

Those living in economies assimilated into devouring reverberations of doom and gloom can be rescued.

Oytcho Visha also forestalls the magnitude of instability which occurs within crippled economies long-term.

Our world is enchanted by good and sound spirits and other entrepreneurial festivities which have low-friction.

Oytcho Visha will be marvelled as being a super-slick world; a world where everything is immaculate, and henceforth just superb.

Our graceful world is built on the tradition of doing things a bit quirky.

This phenomena is justified because it addresses most of our planet's questionable and unexplained universal rules.

How graceful this phenomena is.

It is a real possibility that Oytcho Visha will obtain the history, beauty and culture of Pluto, the planet furthest from the sun, which has a lowest temperature of minus 233 C.

These are temperatures not fit for survival, but we are well equipped and ready to go there.

The sun's heat never pierces or burns the Oytcho Visha earth. It is a mere ornament, like any star.

Through this scheme of principles, creating a stockpile of elegant glory is as inevitable as it is stunning.

Our sufficiently mosaic dimensions and themes will dictate the world's future, as well as create a fantasy world worth its while.

These many schemes all roughly come together to create a rare stockpile of cult phenomenon.

Being part of an occultist regime has neat, ready-made benefits which in general therefore are ascribed as brilliant transcendental phenomena.

Being part of a cult, the crucial instance of general obedience and loyalty is obligatory rather than optional.

On an international scale, it is observable that European heritage and tradition is slowly corroding. How much is left now of European culture?

Many people have a particularly serious lingering resentment over this corrosion.

Along with the resentment, there is a degree of fear that the aura and mystique of old-school European heritage and traditionalism is becoming deficient.

In response to this we create a snazzy frenzy which is aesthetically valuable and which cannot be rebutted.

Amalgamation of Morons

What constitutes our news realm is very selective. We only emphasize certain issues and affairs and milieu and what have you.

For example, we will never give coverage of protests or marches.

Marches are unnecessary uprisings which are completely callous.

They are carried out by peasants blurting out messages construed from their own personal account of the abyss.

Protest marches are a form of political degradation. Everybody is angry, there is no hilarity or amiability to station yourself within.

Irritating imbeciles and scoundrels are unbearable to watch as they march the streets.

Protesters are condescending rascals because they think they are bigger than the system.

Protest marches massacre civilian life.

Protesters push through the streets escorted by nobody, at the same time as disturbing everybody.

In protests love is not in the air: they are adjoined to each other through anger, and this is carried out not by political renegades but by people who are candidates for becoming commoners with no measure of control over their actions.

Staged protests are a stubborn accumulation of revolutionary movements, all of which lead nowhere, other than to abdominal abscesses derailed from the duodenum and other different body parts.

Protest marches are an amalgamation of morons: people chanting in repetitive pitches and rhythms which overall have very little aesthetic value.

Mass demonstrations are never arresting or disarming; the chants are despicable and languid.

A protest march is a retarded journey. Who cares what the participants believe in?

Protestors are everyday morons doing unextraordinary things, and by all accounts they are about as charismatic as a peptic ulcer.

In all cases it is to be considered unwelcome mischief to march on the streets.

Protest marches usually produce childish aggression, and lots of miniature Mussolini's; in regards to maturity, it is scarce.

Dissident factions are often plonkers or drop-kicks twisting and shouting like retards.

Modern protest marches have a heinous and medievalist zeal which is difficult to troubleshoot.

It is an unprecedented disaster for people to roam the streets in a coalition which has a negative symbolic element to it.

Shielded and isolated from the outside world, you can avoid such events as nihilism and alienation successfully, and live a life which is more pleasant: a life marred by less distension.

The Oytcho Visha enterprise has a degree or magnitude of protocols which are enough to accelerate a sumptuous social or political revolution of its own accord. This we state will cool off revolutionary struggles.

Isolation from modern trends and fashions has made us insular.

This is done through maximum sustainable levels of super super safe coolness.

Anticapitalist Religiosity

One other aspect of our media realm is that we are completely isolated from the world of contemporary sports, cycling and athletics.

Ball sports can never be seen as big impressive events. Sport's power is dense, brainless. We cannot stand rugby heads.

Contemporary sports have more panels and bureaucracies than many modern governments.

It is the bureaucrats and their dishevelled regulations who are the real villains of this world.

Demolish bureaucrat's policies which are perilous for many.

For better or worse, it is sad but true, that only dummies channel their energies into modern sport institutions.

Modern triathletes are kamikazes destroying culture and mythology.

Why do woman play rugby? It is repugnant watching woman playing a violent sport.

Many modern sports people enjoy cuddling each other. Homogeneity is at an all-time high.

Soccer and other football players are actually probably absolute poofters. Rugby is a poxy game.

In all ball games, all the players do is hit, catch, throw, kick or pass a ball, and hope it goes to the right place or person. There is nothing rendered exciting about them.

Realistically, soccer is a pompous ceremony which fans strung along to.

Cuddling another man is very sick I would imagine; I couldn't think of anything worse.

It's hard to justify the money many professional sports people earn; it's criminal, very criminal, a massive injustice.

It is obvious that many modern sports people are overpaid; their incomes are insane; their lifestyles are a token of decadence.

Turning up to soccer practice in a Lamborghini, I can't even believe a person could even do that.

By our own admission this is bad yuk unholy decadence again detroying culture and mythology.

Ban all sports from the world, that's exactly what should happen.

We will never be ambassadors of sport's protocols.

Sport is starting to become more or less a prescribed creed, a doctrine on regular television and on internet channels and programs. Yet the traits of sports people are often oppressed.

The cause of oppression must be quickly identified and treated: Modern sports should have no referees or umpires.

Any sport that requires a referee or umpire is not worth pursuing.

The only worthwhile sports worth watching are those without referees.

Sports with referees are tightly policed, which makes the experience of watching them less spasmodic.

World class traditions are those traditions which do not involve sport.

Nobody wants to live in a city where sports stadiums stick out like beacons.

There is more serenity and repose in pursuing calisthenics: ballet, acrobatics, figure skating and circus gymnastics, all of which have a forceful, dynamic beauty about them and other enlivening capacities.

These calisthenics have rhythm, radiance and flair which has beautiful appeal.

They are art movements which increase various skills such as mobility, flexibility, stamina and strength with a fiery blast.

Overall we embrace things such as vague ideologies, furtive conspiracies, illustrious remarks, sophistry, and anticapitalist religiosity.

All of these come together, blended and fused, to create an enterprise imbued with heavy razzamatazz.

Overall, we aim to create an aesthetic sensuousness which counteracts the commercial dimensions embellished within contemporary culture.

At the moment the world is bestowed by a capitalist plague which we want to make us absent from.

A Noble Panacea

A good lump of the dynamics as we make our way through the day are radical: this helps us subdue the influence of reality architected for civilians.

Fantasy and reality are both the same thing. Fantasy is just a different apparatus, a different pipeline for representing reality.

Truth is immaterial when fantasy becomes believable.

We spin tales so as to tamper with truth and reality. Gestures of fantasy consist of no usage instructions.

All life is dependent upon comical fantasy. Just remember, for a certain stretch of time, life is fantasy.

True stories are only wonderful if they crystallize as fantasy.

We have all our life never heard of a true story.

In this day and age, the biggest and best forces of fantasy are those based on reality.

It is a shame that whatever happens in reality is not converted to instances of fantasy more readily.

Regardless of anything, Oytcho Visha will be a world which is impinged by noble panacea.

Food Mandate

Do not ever eat food from MacDonald's, KFC, Burger King or Subway, etc, because they are creating a sweeping multi-national domination of the global fastfood industry.

These companies ruin culture by knocking down heritage buildings to create brand new restaurants.

Visiting these restaurants manifests as a wretched occasion.

Eating from them will give you an acute attack of lumbago.

These companies accommodate mass culture on an irreparable high scale.

Many other companies such as ANZ bank also directly target heritage buildings for demolition.

Readily boycott all of these companies, and delve into recollections of the way the world once was without them.

Governing Processes of Distinction

We generally do not embrace contemporary political news originating from countries which operate under the MMP system of politics.

Countries that are run under MMP are enfeebled republics.

Reject and expel the crude annoyance of those who adhere to the parliaments run under the MMP system.

Disputes within MMP governments don't have any striking depth and volume; it is all just petty talk.

MMP politics leads to an uncomfortable, hostile and gloomy existence, triggering apathy and insult steadily.

The atmosphere is horrible in MMP-run governments; rather than being a real gas, the whole scenario becomes an unappealing menagerie.

Their attitudes lean towards democracy which has no subsequent defence alliance.

The politics of countries running under MMP, such as England, New Zealand and Australia, is so very frustrating; it all needs to be abolished.

MMP politics is grotesquely boring. The lack of aura and mystique is disillusioning, and activity gravitates towards masturbation and other classic signs of stagnation.

Before you know where you're at, negligence and nihilism is discharged.

The bench mark of modern MMP politics is that it is a marvellous rigid upright structure which leaves alot to be desired.

We only report political news from countries and Republics such as Russia and the United States, as well as the myriad of European countries which have resisted becoming wooed by MMP-based politics.

Republics not bound by MMP rules and governing processes have more distinction. Even though they are becoming less fashionable, they showcase a more emphatic performance in the political realm.

Politicians working under MMP find it hard to do anything constructive; there is very little scope for vital, crucial quantum change.

Eventually MMP politicians become subordinated to a ho-hum way of life. There is no composure, and confidence and charisma becomes as dislodged as a varicose vein.

Be cautionary of MMP politicians, they are fools with restricted experience in the compelling issues which affect the majority of people.

Depraved Fun and Games

The exclusive aspect of our media realm is that we do not report news which has originated from the nexus of internet social media.

On Facebook public opinions spread like scabies. Parallel to this, lavishness seldom happens.

We ignore utterly anything said on social media. We are altogether separate from it.

Rather than being a positively directed colourful and flexible stage, the people-friendly culture of Facebook is more of an exploitation of social life.

We are convinced that the powerful social engine of Facebook exploits social life. Egos are replaced by mechanised units of manpower.

Facebook is a corporate industry spanning its way into our homes like a cystic duct.

Social media stimulates, enhances and increases the chance of corruption of social life.

Facebook is a playground for people to post childish messages on. This is a great barrier for adults wanting to jump on the bandwagon.

Facebook is chock-a-block full of school kids; it's not a place for adults.

All of the kids go onto Facebook because it is free, quick and easy to join, and they think it is necessary to do so because all of their peers are doing the same thing.

This is a plausible enough reason to stay away from and withstand the effects of Facebook communications.

These depraved fun and games consequently in principle therefore lead to a farce.

When people corroborate with each other through the internet on a grossly abnormal scale, the great superiority of old-fashioned ways of life begin to proximate a state of obsolescence.

Social media is a vulgar source of satisfaction because it is not severed from mass culture

At Oytcho Visha we are unacquainted with the mind speak chatter of Facebook. We neutralize the broad commotion of social media. We aim to restrict the flow rate of gossip conveyed on social media.

Social media has too much chat power which you are unable to break through.

Social media promotes mutual, free and open communications, and through this process, drama and theatricality is slackened.

Facebook is full of your every day fabricated pedestrian activity which needs cancelled.

On Facebook there is no customary glamour to highly enhance the forms of life using it. There is no gracious ingenuity.

Much of what Oytcho Visha does is debunk the unsurpassed vanity of those on the Facebook social media network.

Probably most of them stop and examine their own egos perhaps.

On Facebook there is a high volume of social chauvinists.

The laughable vanity of Facebook users is lofty and prone to capsizing as a complication.

On Facebook people all do exactly the same thing: communicate with each other via their egos.

Facebook as well as You Tube are consummate examples of how egoism and vanity can become well executed on a grand scale.

On social media, noise pollution is more or less a given thing.

On Facebook and Twitter, you can say goodbye to dignity and serenity within your organs and tissues, which is a major setback if you are seeking a good reputation.

Facebook is a bothersome intrusion for those in need of seclusion. There is zilch zero zip privacy.

Facebook provides the capacitation of entertainment and leisure for a massive army of yuppies.

Facebook is too black and white; you are either friended or defriended. You are a component of an oppressive dualistic system.

Facebook creates fabricated friendships which are insuperior to real friendships.

The Facebook platform creates false hope. Everyone thinks they have multiple friends, but in reality they only have two or three throughout there lifetime.

On social media you are unlikely to find an immortalized range of relations on any tremendous scale.

Logging onto Facebook is a bit of a waste of time and so and so. Those that do so neglect their family and pets and those most closest to them.

The increasing dependence teenagers have on Facebook means they spend more time alone with their devises rather than socializing with friends in person.

On this basis, the ridding of peers is a justified prospect because it is all just an act.

Facebook will never potentially become an attractively designed spectacle of sentimental heritage.

Facebook users share in a typical everyday amalgam of social life; there is very little room for an installation of drama.

On Facebook, encounters with others are arranged in advance, there is no excitement or rebel serendipity of great importance.

Facebook has no underlying entertainment rituals to embellish your daily lifestyle with. It is all just poor grade melodrama for juniors and adolescents.

Development and cognitive function and a transitioning into the outside world is all thwarted by social media.

Facebook sites instigate selfish innovations. You don't do yourself any favours by creating one.

The major problem with Facebook is that it comes for free. Infatuation that comes for free will progressively become as functionally mundane as the pyloric sphincter.

An entire generation has been enticed by social media. But there is more plentiful drama to be portrayed in the Gothic underworld.

Modern internet social media is all just a geek bonanza. It is the 24 hour reign of yuppies and geeks: a one-way ticket to geekdom.

There is a large proportion of geeks on Facebook creating a chronicle of politically correct comments on their timeline which have no evocative charge.

Social media is the migration of nerds in urgent need of social contact in the shortest possible time.

The unifying influence of Facebook objectifies friendship in an unwanted manner.

On social media there is very little genuine comradeship; and what comradery there is comes across as a messy cavalry.

On Facebook there is a tribe, an absolute tribe of yuppies.

Facebook is a sterile extravaganza.

Social media is a seriously orthodox and conventional way of communicating, it exposes no glistening radical dimension.

Television and radio have a more holistic aura and mystique than internet social media.

Social media is an ambitious plan to create pretentious discussions; there is no authentic craftsmanship waiting for you.

An exquisite paradigm of craftsmanship and quality is found on other areas of the internet, not social media.

Due to the emission of gossip and innuendo on social media, there is no legacy to be fulfilled.

Facebook is a disappointing oasis which people give their allegiance to.

The crisis of social media is that people stumble upon a meaningless benchmark of social life.

The first thing you notice about social media sites in general is that they don't have a lovely, homely feel to them. There is no private atmosphere.

There are bloated with sadistic shortcomings of privacy.

People tell everybody everything. This is hysteric yuppie territory.

Oytcho Visha is the way of the future, not the substantially popular realms of social media.

Spreading the Load

Executing these initiatives, our news is not neutral, unbiased, untendentious in the way news corporations normally operate.

Conventional media characteristically rapes the public, attempting to frame them within some kind of false scenario.

Because Oytcho Visha is agenda-based, there is an overflow of discriminatory assertions and assumptions; assertions which are devised rather than discovered.

Political parties witnessing a far-right movement in politics will be popping up in most European countries in the near future.

Basic processes such as the incremental rise of immigration will prompt this.

Far-right nationalism is becoming an ever popular preeminent force in many European countries.

This is because European culture is deteriorating something badly.

Our everyday policies are created in a similar fashion to the way alternative extreme nationalistic organizations of Germany and Russia and other countries are operating at the moment.

Left-wing organizations are trying to reduce, undermine or contain the actions of these political groups.

The mass grind of immigration poses some threat to the continuity of heritage and culture in European countries. This is difficult for anybody to take all in their stride, even for the resolute and brave.

Large scale immigration has put the health systems of most European countries into dire straits.

Many people whine and groan about their health systems.

Vital services such as health and welfare are left in the lurch.

The public mental health system is problematic, political and ineffective. Don't accept just one person's opinion.

The mental health system is over-stretched to the point of failure.

Government and social agencies are stretched.

If nothing is done about mass immigration, European cities will become intensely overcrowded and packed to the maximum, by the bundles; and nobody is taking political responsibility for this.

Due to immigration, the resplendent cityscapes of countries such as Germany, France and England already have an entire range of animosities unfolding within them which spreads to the muscles and tissues.

The most damaged country so far is Germany. Germany more or less needs an elegant and polished revolution to revitalize its culture.

Oh my goodness, the country of Germany has collapsed steadily due to mercurial immigration.

Germany, in some ways, is a grand mecca albeit.

The sad part about it is that European culture is almost had it. It needs staggering volumes of reconstruction.

The problem is that most European countries have been seized by unorthodox levels of unemployment, and immigration exacerbates this exponentially.

Due to immigration, the jumbo assortment of old-school European ideals is declining significantly.

These are issues you cannot just dismiss or walk away from.

Mass immigration is something which the basic processes of strategic management cannot cope with. It is an out-of-control predicament requiring massive reconstruction.

In this instance, faithful adherence to pioneering measures and new directives of the imagination are absolutely essential.

We are embarking on a pioneering operation to universally connect and unify right-wing nationalist political parties within Europe and abroad.

This procedure of unification is a way of spreading the load. Not one single political enterprise is ascribed responsibility nor dominance.

Admittedy our motives for doing this are quite extreme, because we are in the habit of doing notoriously Eurocentic things without any reservation.

Our strong eastern European views may not seem virtuous, but they are archetypal to our main scheme of things.

But we don't insomuch as even coincide with racism or bigotry, we are simply trying to preserve European history.

Spreading the load is also a forthcoming way of counteracting the essence of global terrorism.

Terrorists are absolute losers bound for nowhere.

Flanked bt perfectionism therefore serves us as an indispensable foundation.

Pretty-Coloured Eskimos

One other major aspect of our agenda is that we rebuke the arguments and fundamental attitudes posed and endorsed by the majority of environmentalists.

Many environmentalists look out of their window and create false theories such as 'global warming'.

Environmentalists fuel an outburst of pathogenic crises.

Nobody feels good in a society which advances theories such as global warming. It effectively creates crime, poverty and unemployment.

Thanks to the falsehood of global warming theorists, industry will be possibly be devastated.

Oytcho Visha is a definitive denial of global warming. The idyllic beam of the sun doesn't always deliver.

We don't feel strongly about sunshine: it is rugged mass of regrettable embers which gives us typhus.

Brief rises of temperatures on earth may be due to lightening. It is an amazing fact that lightening is five times hotter than the surface of the sun.

There are approximately 2000 thunderstorms happening across the world at any one time.

The global average has been subsequently calculated at 30 - 40 flashes per second.

Environmentalists don't notice the good things about the planet, they only focus on the negatives. This establishes a state of public disillusionment.

Many environmentalists believe that in the future our planet will be ram-raided by rising temperatures, but this theory holds no appeal for us.

These climatic frontiers are oversized and exaggerated. We remain unphased by this.

Environmentalists are on a ready-made mission trying to persuade us that in the future we will need to succumb to an infernal wipe out. But all edges and corners of earth are resilient to warm weather.

Some things are made to melt, such as bright, hot candles, but it is faulty to assume things such as glaciers do.

The polished sparkle of a candle is timeless.

The sun shines like a candle from out-of-space like any star. Isn't it right that daytime is the equivalent of night time?

In the future, global temperatures will generally remain low. The weather will stay cool with seamless and immortal proficiency.

The everyday cultural attitudes of green politicians hurts people in a monstrous way because they are superficial, and have no divine depth or complexity.

We are generally concerned the term 'green' has become a bit of a cliche. Environmentalists nurture their own fixations as dictum.

Environmentalists are spokespeople for profound errors of artificial judgement.

It is disgraceful to strive for nothing less than saving our planet, but however agonizing it is for them, the greens don't have the capability of carrying out such a task. This is becuase they are too content with the way the world is at the moment in the way they act as a group.

Remove the unuseful environmentalist's information from our planet, then you will remain youthful as well as immortal in everything you do.

It's no secret that ecological politics represents a fascist source of information which may be local and confined to one area or it may be generalized.

Early in 2018, Scotland touched temperatures of -14 degrees Celsius, and parts of the United States dropped to temperatures similar to those found on Mars.

In America in 2019 temperatures dropped to -46 degrees.

Early in 2019 Greece dropped to temperatures of -23 degrees.

Adding to this, in southern New Zealand, there are approximately 3,155 glaciers with an area of at least one hectare.

In northern New Zealand, there are eighteen small glaciers on Mount Ruapehu.

And in early autumn 2018, in Canterbury, New Zealand, the region had 13 hours of sunshine in 18 days.

These trends of extremely freezing weather forecasted obliterate global warming theory.

Those purporting theories of global warming commemorate deep flowing hell.

What we shall see is that climate change means the onset of an immortal storm. We will all become encapsulated in extreme weather patterns.

The earth's climate is never neutral or slotted and notched in conventionality.

It's unstable atmosphere is instrumental in creating giant storms.

Believing in global warming, environmentalists are appropriating a lie; an irremediable hoax is bestowed upon them.

We will never capitulate our dogmatic winter themes.

In the future winter will have immeasurable towering supremacy perpetual.

From this day forward global warming theory is extinct.

The weather is nicer when it is cold; it has more grandeur when it is reinforced by chilly trends.

At Oytcho Visha, decent-sized freeze and chill is our forte. Never shy away from pure whiteness; We have an unrestrained passion for an endless supply of whiteness.

A remedial legendary purity awaits us right from the start.

We celebrate an illustrious life of coolness at its richest.

The obstacles in your way, challange them and beat them.

The greenhouse effect hasn't even scratched the surface of the earth's biosphere.

Global warming is a faulty prediction, a vice, made by those intent on undermining the quickening of adventurous, ever-changing capital growth devoid of any intermediatory authority.

Modern ecologists are sqaudron of famine builders.

Those people condoning such theories ignore the predicaments in many countries of the world, where the wind in its structure is like ice on a constant basis.

The evidence that our world is warming is inconclusive, and does a disservice to everybody.

The rhetoric of environmentalists supporting cruel and foolish assertions that the world is warming is specified as a destructive act.

Every array of theory of global warming is a scam which needs to be decelerated.

Modern environmentalists create more fear and panic than the Hezbollah or Ayatollah.

Environmentalists, like terrorists, weave and spin their way to a useless and pitiful and faithless way of life.

The politics of modern ecological political parties depict a vitriolic and blemished form of politics.

The continuity of Christian faith and dogma will rebuke these virulent and controversial trends which spawn this over-emphasis of molten environmental jargon.

It is the avant-garde whom plaster the world with generally useful phenomena which inspire lives.

The problem with ice sheets is that when they detach, nobody really knows what is going on beneath them.

Predictably, belief that the next ice age is just around the corner constitutes the thread of our occultist system. This is real, it is not just a possibility.

In the future, the climate of earth will become progressively rainy, and snow and ice will be divided and distributed among most of the countries in the world, thereby pigmenting the next white ice age.

Not tomorrow or next year, but in years to come, during midsummer, most people on the planet Oytcho Visha will be dressed up like pretty-coloured Eskimos.

In the future the summer weather will feel as cold as a Leningrad Christmas.

This is an unseasonal enormity put under the spotlight.

In the future during mid-summer civilians will be trying to get insulated from simple or intricate coldness.

In future years, the sun will spread its warmth mainly into outer space, leaving the earth supremely mega cool.

But the sun is like any other planet really, except that it has beautiful exploding equators.

Sometimes the sun's hot embers light our world like a roaring cannonball.

But overall, the sun is merely but a little bit of yellow energy shining furiously.

Don't take it for granted that the sun sizzles, engendering a phenomena of heat.

Energy shining engenders a phenomena.

In the future, the inhabitants of our planet will get exposure to greatly elevated and delightfully large numbers of ice burgs.

The skies will open up and down she'll come. The great prestige of summer will recoil voluptuously.

Ice burgs and slabs of ice will stick out from oceans like trees spread over the surface of a forest.

Start up the rumble tumbles mister ice merchant, and let the rockin' rain fall out.

Those stipulating theories of global warming in an unequivocal and straightforward manner need to withdraw their opinion, because it conveys no proven measure of elegance.

Environmentalists are making no difference in the world. Their application of reason does not extend beyond the empirical domain.

Not only ecoligists, but also places such as the schizophrenic foundation need to be a wee bit more creative, otherwise they should be expressly forbidden.

Environmentalist's fake stories are desperate tales which signify nothing.

Innovation and discipline is always a plus if you are a climatologist.

To create and shape popularly known national parks you need to acquire shrewdness.

Weather, like time and space, is one of the interior features of our planet. Yet how time is measured doesn't matter, because it cannot be changed.

There's nothing you can do about the weather anyway. It is a constant battle to keep up with the weather, let alone create environmental models of future possible weather patterns.

Warmth is merely just one branch or variable used to describe the weather. It is not something which can trigger a pandemonium.

Only occultist political regimes can have the real objective of triggering pandemonium.

The Paroxysm Which Won't Go Away

America's paradigmatic war on drugs is a large pandemonium which is leaving its mark on modern life in ways which do not prove to be attractive nor distinguished.

America's war on drugs creates a bedraggled way of life.

The war more or less establishes relationships between people in the underworld of drugs, which in turn leads to indissoluble violence and crime.

The war has been going on for a long time, and no huge progress has been made. If anything it is contaminating society with trends which are neither moral nor high-minded.

All it is doing is ploughing down innocent people and turning them into outsiders and contemporary alienated folks.

If anything, the war on illicit, non-prescribed drugs has made drug use more of a prolific legacy, and has led to a charge of economic and social disparities. These disparities have no chance of becoming re-emergent as anything favourably civil.

Commonplace restraint in the use of prescription drugs such as benzodiazepines by doctors primarily exacerbates this situation.

These drugs should be more readily prescribed.

You can't avoid extreme situations which make you distraught sometimes. That's why these drugs are needed.

We are anti-conventional medical establishments. Drugs that do so much to counteract depression are all banned, controlled or prohibited. Drugs that make you feel empty inside and a zombie are prescribed at will. We live in a fascist rather than autonomous world.

The act of not prescribing these drugs is dire, appalling and disgraceful.

So called addictive drugs are appetite suppressants. Banning them has created the obesity crisis.

It's no wonder that one social problem inexorably leads to another social problem.

Many synthetic opiates such as Methadone, and neuroleptics such as Olanzapine, as well as the tricyclic antidepressants, and many other drugs are anti-aphrodisiacs: they make you impotent.

Lacking sexual desire enables you to live life with more organisation and discipline.

Never abort chastity, no matter how lamentable this may seem.

It does not take a wealth of statistical detail to know that the thunderous urge to have sex is to blame for causing over-population.

Overly crowded cities can reverse population growth by prescibing anti-aphrodisiacs.

Those that embrace in the mission of the war against drugs have caused over-population in our world.

Benzodiazepines such as Clonaz (clonazepam) are also a fantastic stress deterrent and anti-depressant.

Diazepam, like clonaz, neutralises worries and great big numerous difficulties. Why would you want to restrict their use for?

Clonaz captures restlessness before it crystalizes as fatigue to ponder over.

Fatigue is an unwanted vistor in anybody's life. To offset being engulfed by it you need to be part of an alliance, a cult.

When well-being has been taken away from you, benzodiazepines suppress anxiety and allow stress to taper off. As well, overdose on these such drugs is rare.

Not being cool and having an absence of passivity tempts you to feel shameful and bedraggled.

These pills help you bunk down at bedtime, getting a bigger and better and more ceremonious sleep throughout the night without saying.

Benzodiazepines reduce body fatigue and stress, and bring back well-being which has crept away during harsh times.

Many controlled drugs such as the benzodiazepines have a critical stabilizing effect, this is why they are a component of many people's lifestyles.

Benzodiazepines reduce stress manufactured by body systems. If not prescribed, bodily stress processes will tend to escalate.

When mental and emotional hardship is imminent, these kinds of drugs are more helpful than they are corrupt.

However, drugs such as cannabis and methamphetamines can cause unbridled psychotic episodes in some people. The endeavour to consume them can result in a destabilizing effect.

With these drugs, strict control is warranted. The war on drugs, which become rapidly assembled during the late 1980's social scene, does have some symbolic merit.

But with however or whenever mental health problems eventuate, drugs such as cannabis may be of use.

God bless, benzodiazepines provide the creative impetus for many artists. They are a classical source of lavish inspiration.

Doctors refusing to prescibe them despise ecstasy, they make no provision for it.

In a fascist society enviable thoroughly relaxed moods are forgotten.

But the fascist society we live in suppresses extravagant forms of pleasure.

Back in the 1980's, the lockdown on drugs all of a sudden created a bleak scenario; it was all designed uppermostly to capture and oppress people.

The war on more illicit drugs leads to the widespread creation of clans and gangs; any legacy of social reform is thwarted; space age chaos develops.

The dreaded hype of those sympathetic to this chaos becomes an end in itself.

The drugs doctors prescribe are particular kinds of substances which are refined and pure compounds; drugs which do not extend into the organic realm.

Organic drugs such as cannabis and morphine provide a crude, raw thrust.

Getting high on cannabis is not for the frigid.

Some anti-psychotic drugs reduce body heat; in particular Olanzapine. This drug also reduces testoterone and DHT, hormones which cause issues such as alopecia (hair loss).

The neuroleptic olanzapine is our saviour because it can block heat and inflammation. Its numbs you so that you don't feel it.

Synthetic, inorganic opiate drugs such as methadone may be used to block the progression of classical depression and anhedonia.

To be a success in life, you need to be able to live for the most part manageably and comfortably.

The current war on drugs is pathetic and upsetting, and has even reached into the sphere of prescription drugs.

Either way, the war on drugs needs to be truncated, because it is becoming a paroxysm which won't go away.

Shades of Prestige of the Old World

All we want to do create the world as a good, sturdy stronghold.

Many nations, such as Germany, don't even try to get rid of the concatenation of events and processes which lead to the leukemic and cowardly world of terrorism.

Terrorists will cruise to failure; this is a truth which won't perish, a truth as if were accredited to the Gods.

German culture is terrible now. It is a worn out run down system. But not forever and a day. Through our occultism system, Germany will be rescued.

Because of terrorism, it is becoming more and more difficult for Europeans to dispose of their fears.

It becomes apppearant that terrorists are undoubtedly part of the monkey mafia.

Europe is becoming besieged with mammoth problems, mainly due to idealistic young people whom require assessment and therapeutic services.

The signature of a successful terrorist is the ability to make news headlines. But if a news corporation is to attenuate the ring of fire which terrorists create, it needs to deny them airtime and such and such.

Oytcho Visha will not report terrorist events. This is a way of denying terror groups the television and internet coverage they seek.

This denial of airtime is a way to embargo terrorist sentiments to a marked degree.

A decommissioning of such sentiments means terrorism will lose its symbolic actual worth.

Because of terrorism, French heritage is becoming fragmented, and the panache of the French is in tatters.

Paris, the super city of love, is entering an extraordinary world of fear and loathing.

The spirit of France has completely collapsed something terrible.

France's triumphs in the wine and gourmet realm have lost all their good vibrations.

The foods and moods of France have become a mere memory.

Glowing appetites violate state rule in France.

Going into a French restaurant is a total waste of time, whatver angle you loook at it from.

From an aesthetic point of view, modern Europe in general is becoming dilapidated. It has become a stupid place to live in.

France was once the nexus of old world romance, but now this has all turned into a masquerade.

The increase of makeshift diversity in many European cities is turning Anglo Saxon society into an abandoned wasteland.

But everyday optimism is essential: In the future, terror will die down, and fade into insignificance. We will be able to salvage some of the shades of prestige of the old world.

Many western cities are already suffering too much poverty, violence and poor health in homes. Erstwhile events of terrorism have only added to this travesty.

Being a part of Oytcho Visha, certain events such as terrorism, all leading to a reasonably diabolical predicament, are all avoided.

Soulful and Challenging Plight to Live by

We are dependent upon fans and enthusiasts to support our soulful and challenging plight:

And capture the rising of a marvelled global phenomenon making its way into the world.

Oytcho Visha is proclaimed to be an eternal, immutable power which has no vanishing point.

Even after death, if we are indeed reincarnated back into the world, the same flash legacy will be there:

Making us intuitively certain that even after death, a victorious expression of life still resumes under advisement.

But don't despair, afterwards, when we die, we resonate in eternity.

Deal with what you can get out of it life, and leave out all the rest.

When you reach boundaries unknown, it's usually too late to turn back.

Tomorrow may never come, so create a legacy today.

The full width of our dainty occultism is enough to subordinate reality, and automatically create a bold and beautiful and morally impressive world of power and success.

Epilogue (By Wombom Margorald)

All these schemes have mostly been designed and orchestrated by a single person.

Important professional necessary help has been slim.

Albeit, in creating the enterprise, I have had abundant advice from kibitzers.

(Kibitzers are those people that betray you with unwanted advice).

So far I have worked without the redound of any reassurance, advice or approval from others.

I am hoping to synthesis the conditions whereby our enterprise can prosper in a resourceful and eccentric way.

In the past, many of these kinds of schemes have gone down the gurgler, simply because they have not succeeded in gaining backing or genuine enthusiasm; so I won't be alone if these projects fail.

Weirdly enough, a lot of the time it is a person's wishes, to disappear and not be found.

Rather than face failure, it makes more sense to simply just vanish.

Albeit, Oytcho Visha is more than equal to the task of supporting artists and musicians who have fallen through the net at various stages of their career.

We aim to support singers, artists, musicians and composers at the earliest phases of their career.

Instead of failure, these artists can draw back their bow to create a landslide victory of huge significance in their field.

Instead of failure, the only thing these artists can be criticized for is in being marginalized and neurotic.

True inventions are a falsehood for those living in a lunatic asylum.

Oytcho Visha has been around a long time, but most of it has been intolerably rejected over and over again. It has been created out of these series of knockbacks. Through rejection, I have developed themes which are more decorative and built to last.

Denial has made me into a irreconcilable military conspirator of the cold war.

Critics will say that I am going to strong measures which others will expostulate as a way of life which will prove merely illusory: schemes which are not on the same wavelength as the codes and conventions which most people observe and assimilate as part of their acumen.

The greater measure of my own acumen is strictly subject to gothic themes.

Oytcho-Visha has primarily been created as an appeaser for those living a gothic lifestyle.

Thus far all I am is a human juggernaut who specialises in web site creation based on Soviet Regimes.

I'm commander-in-chief of an unconventional, irregular enterprise conducive to providing innovation and functional techniques which convey an occultist form of existence.

A subsidiary of Oytcho Visha is an internet domain:

Double O Zero Triple Three Zero


Double O Zero Triple Three Zero is an extension of Oytcho Visha itself.

oo03330 is being used to launch our cultural cold war upon the world.

To be filled in on any updates, or for any queries, email Wombom Margorald at: Oytcho Visha Administration

Use this same email (admin@oytcho-visha.com) to register interest in becoming a cult member of Oytcho-Visha.

Artists, musicians and writers can also get in contact with us to publish their appropriate works.

For our Donald Trump fan site go to www.trumpadnezzar.com

"To make oneself hated is more difficult than to make oneself loved."

- Pablo Picasso

"Nothingness is so blessedly free of determination that it does not exist: only nothingness is purity of being."

- Terry Eagleton, Ideology of the Aesthetic.

"These fragments I have shored against my ruins"

- T.S Eliot.

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Pablo Picasso.

Wombom Margorald